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An All-Inclusive We The People Holsters Review

If there is something we know it is Holsters. Here is our complete WeThePeople holsters review for their outside the waistband holsters (OWB) and inside the waistband holsters (IWB). Check out one of our articles to learn about the differences between these two carrying styles. 

Per We the People Holsters, their intention “is to provide customers with access to high quality and exceptionally crafted holsters appropriate for a full range of purposes. In addition to a comprehensive line of tried-and-true holsters, We the People Holsters also provides custom-designed holsters from only the most talented and experienced craftsmen the industry has ever known.”   

Those seem like some pretty solid intentions to us, and just a quick review of the We the People Holsters’ website will show you they have a vast holster catalog for many different calibers. Yet, can these holsters live up to the expectations? We decided to find out. Below we dive into the features of these holsters and look at how they will benefit you while carrying. 

Let’s get started! 

What Do All We The People Holsters Have in Common? 

Hand Orientation

All holsters offered by We The People Holsters come in both right, and left-hand orientation, and not every holster company can say that. This is important so that you can use the holster with your dominant hand.


Durability and Protection 

Holsters from this manufacturer are made of a smooth Kydex that is more or less an industry standard. The thickness of the holster is 0.08 inches as well. Again, this is very common in many holsters on the market because it is strong enough to keep the holster’s shape and protect your gun.  

Yet, it is thin enough to minimize discomfort and increase concealment. These holsters are not as comfortable as leather ones, but they are more durable and reasonably comfortable in the proper carry position. Comfort is also increased with how lightweight this holster is.  

Holsters from this producer are engineered to come with a beveled angle protective sweat guard. This is to protect your firearm from corrosive body oils, sweat, etc. The beveled angle of the guard improves comfort so as not to cut into your side while wearing.  

However, we noticed that the sweat guard did not fully protect our Glock 19’s slide from our body. This is not a significant issue, but this could mean more frequent cleaning of your firearm if using this holster to protect your gun (e.g. Glock 19) from your sweat and body oils.  

Both style holsters we tested have great trigger guards for safety. We never worried if the trigger would be tampered with while wearing, giving us peace of mind.  

We also like the audible click you get when holstering your firearm that lets you know it is safe and secure in the holster. 

Adjustable Retention

To get the right amount of tension on our firearm, or as we like to call it, the goldie locks zone, we had to adjust the retention screw pretty tightly on both style holsters. We are not sure how long this retention will last as well. We the People Holsters, recommend using a thread locker on the retention screw once you find the desired tension. 

Others have commented that these holsters do not fit as snug to their firearms as other holsters. The loose-fitting holster could be due to only having 1 retention screw instead of 2 like other holsters on th market.

With all that said, once we adjusted the tension screw to where we wanted it, the holster has performed well at keeping our firearms in place. Even while working around our farm a few days a week.  

We the People Holsters OWB Holster Unique Features

We the People Holsters OWB holster review
Source: WethePeopleHolsters.com

Most people think of IWB holsters when they think of We the People, so does their OWB holster match up to the same reputation?  

Concealment for OWB Holster? 

Upon further review of these holsters, we noticed that We the People Holsters have made the same holster for both IWB and OWB carry style and attached a clip for IWB holsters and a paddle for OWB holsters. This is pretty ingenious because it allows them to concentrate their efforts on making a superior holster and only divide resources when necessary for the two styles of holsters. 

It also resulted in an OWB holster that has a low profile. What this means is better concealment with less printing when carrying. We are not a fan of trying to conceal carry with an OWB holster, but this is the holster to use if you want to do it. With an untucked shirt or jacket, the rig was covered well. 

Adjustable Cant and Ride Height 

The OWB holsters’ paddle allows you to adjust the holster into 12 different positions. This includes riding high or low with vertical cant, revisable cant, or heavy cant. These features will help with how easy it is to draw your firearm, how comfortable it is to wear, and the concealment of your weapon. These features set this holster apart from other OWB holsters on the market and are a massive plus in our book. 

Ease of Use/Paddle

One sure way to know if a holster will stay in place is to wear it around the farm. So we did, and we were surprised. All too often, paddle holsters have a nasty habit of moving around on your waistline while wearing. However, angled edges on the side of these paddles grip your pants or belt while wearing. 

We were skeptical if the paddle grips would actually work at first, but they do! The holster stayed in place well, thanks to these angled edges gripping our belts. Whenever we went to draw our weapon, it was right where we wanted.  

These grips also help distribute the weight of the rig evenly, allowing for a more comfortable carry.   

However, the grips were not as effective when we did not have a belt on. If you use this holster without a belt, make sure your pants are tighter fitting. We found the holster does move around with loose-fitting pants. 

All in all, we are very please with this holster and recommend you check it out. It is ever better than many holsters that cost double what you will pay for this holster. 

Pros and Cons of We the People Holster OWB Holster


  • Cost
  • Ease of Use (easy to draw and reholster firearm)
  • Comfort
  • Trigger Guard
  • Durable
  • Adjustability


  • Loose-fitting to firearm and must tighten retention screw tightly.
  • Sweat guard

We the People Holster IWB Holster Unique Features

We the People Holsters IWB holster review
Source: WethePeopleHolsters.com

Having a good OWB holster on the market is one thing; all bets are off in the cutthroat, IWB holster market, though. 

Concealment and Comfort 

The minimalist design of this holster helps with concealment. Add the adjustable cant, ride height, multiple positions you can carry in, and even a Glock 19 in their IWB holster conceals reasonably well. Add We the People Holsters’ claw, and you will have minimal printing even with a Glock 19.  

A holster claw attached to your holster will leverage pressure against your belt to slightly turn the grip of your firearm inwards towards you. This results in a more comfortable carry and less printing of your rig.   

The only area where we did have some concerns about concealment was with the belt clip. The clip on these holsters is large and can be easily spotted if somebody is wearing this holster with a shirt tucked in

As far as comfort goes, no IWB holster will ever be the most comfortable holster to wear, but this rig was reasonably comfortable to wear standing up and walking. While sitting and ridding, it was not that comfortable with the Glock 19 but not bad with a Taurus 605 revolver.  

 Looking at the holster, you can tell the rounded edges, and smooth surface of the holster help keep the holster from poking into you while wearing.      

The manufacturer recommends the best position to wear these holsters in are the appendix carry, strong side hip, behind the hip, and cross carry. We agree with them. The appendix and behind the hip were the most comfortable for us. 

Adjustable Ride Height and Cant 

Simply put, these are some of the most adjustable holsters on the market. The clip can be adjusted from low, medium, high, and extreme high grip, allowing you to decide how high you want the holster to ride. Remember, ride height affects concealment and comfort.

As far as cant goes, the holster can be adjusted from 45 degrees all the way to 30 degrees reverse. This allows for more comfort, concealment and enables you to have the holster right where you want it when drawing. 

Ease of Use and Clip 

The manufacturer spent a lot of time on the belt clip. At 1.5 inches, the clip gripped nicely to every belt we wore. The clip is strong and appears to be made of high-quality martial. It keeps the holster in place while you are wearing the rig and going about your daily task.  

Where the clip won our approval was how well it kept the holster in place when we unholstered and reholstered our sidearm. 

We have heard some say that these holsters can be challenging to reholster since they clasp once the gun is pulled out. We never had this issue during our test. The holster’s form stayed in place thanks to the strength of its Kydex material and was easy to reholster. 

Based on our testing, this is a good quality holster. 

Pros and Cons of We the People IWB Holsters


  • Cost
  • Comfort
  • East of Use (easy to draw and reholster firearm)
  • Trigger Guard
  • Durable
  • Adjustability


  • Loose-fitting to firearm and must tighten retention screw tightly.
  • Sweat guard
  • How wide clip is

We the People Holsters Review- Buyers Guide

Based on our research of countless holsters, we have come up with some primary features to focus on for both an OWB and IWB holster when determining if a holster is right for you. These are features we looked at when testing holsters from We the People Holsters.  

  • Hand Orientation-Too many forget to make sure they get a holster that can work for their hand orientation. A right-handed person cannot use a left-handed holster and vis versa. 
  • Durability – If purchased correctly, buying a holster is a long-term investment. You want to get one that will withstand being worn daily. The IWB and OWB carry style holsters must be durable because they get more wear and tear than most other carry style holsters on the market. 
  • Comfort – If a holster is not reasonably comfortable, you will not wear it long-term. No matter how tough you are.  
  • Protection – The benefit of having a holster with excellent protection will protect your firearm from corrosive body oils, sweat, and outside the elements. However, the primary protection you do want is for your trigger guard. You want to be sure the trigger of your firearm will not go off while you are wearing your holster. This can minimize your chance of an accidental discharge. 
  • Adjustable Cant– Or, as some call it, adjustable carry angle. Some holsters allow you to change how the holster is angled while you carry. Why is this important? Because it will improve how comfortable the rig is while you wear it. It also permits better concealment and has the potential of giving you a quicker draw time because the pistol is right where you want it.
  • Adjustable Height– Holsters with adjustable height allow you to determine how low or high a holster will ride on your waistline. Common issues related to the ride height of a holster are printing (IWB), comfort, and access to the grip of your firearm. You can minimize these issues if the holster has an adjustable ride height. 
  • Adjustable Retention -Retention is a safety feature that is needed to keep your firearm holstered. If you do not have retention, you risk your gun falling out, creating a dangerous situation. It also keeps your firearm from jingling around in your holster. This will prevent wear and tear on your firearm and ensure it is right where it needs to be when you draw it. Too much retention can cause you difficulty weaning drawing your holster. Adjustable retention allows you to control how “tightly the holster” holds onto your gun. As a result, you keep the holster snug but not too snug that it is hard to unholster your firearm.  
  • Concealment (mainly IWB holsters, but can be for OWB as well)- Without concealment, IWB holsters are a waste of time. Nobody carries an IWB holster because they like the way it feels. Cant, ride height, the thickness of the holster, and the gun being used all factor into how well a holster can be concealed.  
  • Ease of Use – A holster that is easy to adjust, put on, take off, draw from, and reholster has a good chance of being worn day in and day out. The most important area a holster needs to be easy to use is drawing your firearm. A holster challenging to draw from could add seconds to your draw time. Seconds that you might not have…..Speaking ease of use check out the Freedom Holster by We the People Holster
  • Clips, Loops, or Paddles– How the holster attaches to you or your clothes is critical. A holster that will not keep in place while you are wearing it or drawing your firearm can cause many problems ranging from safety, comfort, and ease of use.  

We the People Holsters FAQ

  • What is the Warranty and Return Policy for these Holsters? All holsters have a lifetime warranty ONLY if the holster is purchased directly from We the People Holster. Holsters may be returned up to 1 year from the date purchased. Check out the manufacturer’s website for more details.   
  • Dose We the People Holster Make Customize Holsters? Yes, they do! Simply contact the manufacturer, and they will work with you. 
  • Do the Holsters Come in Different Colors and Patterns?  Yes, it would be impossible to list all the different colors and patterns here. Check our We the People Holsters’ website to see what they have.  
  • What Else Does This Company Sell?  The company sells replacement parts for holsters, clothing, shooting accessories, and a lot more!  
  • What is the Shipping Cost?  The cost of shipping depends on where you live and how much you spend. Check out the manufacturer’s website for shipping details. 
  • Can These Holsters be Used with Aftermarket Sights or Lasers? Unless a holster is custom-made for you, these holsters are modeled to stock handgun models. We recommend reaching out to the manufacturer and asking if your gun accessory would work with a specific holster. 
  • Where are These Holsters Made? – We the People Holsters are proudly made in the USA.   


If you would like to compare these holsters to others on the market, we suggest you look at the following: 

For OWB Holsters (click for prices): 

  1. BLACKHAWK’s Serpa Sportster Holster
  2. Concealment Express’ OWB Paddle Holster
  3. Safariland’s ALS Concealment Paddle

For IWB Holsters (click for prices): 

  1. Concealment Express’s IWB Kydex Holster
  2. Galco Kig Tuk IWB Holster
  3. Sticky Holsters
  4. Urban Carry G2
  5. Relentless Tactical The Defender IWB Leather Holster

Final Verdict

All in all, we were thoroughly impressed with We the People Holsters’ products. They are some of the best holsters on the market today, and they come at a fraction of the cost.

The minimalist designs make them highly functional and extremely comfortable to wear. While no holster is perfect, these holsters have far more benefits than drawbacks. If you’re looking for an effective and affordable way to carry your firearm, be sure to check out We the People Holsters.

And don’t forget to use the code WTPAVT15 to get 15% off your purchase!

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