Unleashing the .350 Legend Review: A No-Nonsense, Hands-On Review

Unleashing the .350 Legend Review: A No-Nonsense, Hands-On Review

Hey there, hunting enthusiasts! Today, we’re dissecting the .350 Legend cartridge – a newer kid on the block that’s been creating quite a buzz. So, get ready because we are Unleashing the .350 Legend Review now.

The Origin Story of the .350 Legend

The .350 Legend cartridge, introduced by Winchester Repeating Arms in 2019, is an impressive medium-bore, straight-walled rifle cartridge. But what sets it apart? It was specifically designed to comply with deer hunting regulations in certain U.S. states that mandate the use of straight-walled centerfire cartridges.

Now, the .350 Legend is like a sibling to the .223 Remington. They share the same casing and some other important stuff. Overall, the cartridge measures around 2.26 inches in length and has a rim diameter of about .378 inches. The case type is straight with a bit of a rebate, and the bullet diameter ranges from around .3570 to .0030 inches. It’s got a land diameter of about .3460 inches, neck diameter of around .378 inches, base diameter of about .390 inches, and a rim thickness of roughly .045 inches. Oh, and it’s designed to handle a maximum pressure of 55,000 psi (380 MPa) according to SAAMI.

In other words…. you can use it in your .223.

Pretty neat, right?

What are Straight-Wall Cartridges?

Ever heard of straight-wall ammunition? It’s basically cartridges that have a straight, cylindrical shape from the base to the neck, unlike those bottleneck cartridges with a tapered shape. They’re shorter and often used for hunting in states that have specific deer hunting regulations.

Some examples of straight-wall cartridges are the .350 Legend, .450 Bushmaster, .45-70 Government, and .444 Marlin. These bad boys use big, heavy bullets to take down animals while keeping that straight-wall design intact.

Straight-wall cartridges are getting more popular among hunters, especially in states that now allow their use in zones that used to be shotgun- or muzzleloader-only. They may not have the range of bottleneck cartridges, but they sure pack a punch in bringing down a whitetail at distances over 200 yards. Cool, huh?

What are the .350 Selections (Examples)?

Winchester currently offers a diverse selection of loads for this cartridge. They include:

  • A 150-grain Deer Season XP flying at 2,325 ft/s, designed for optimum deer hunting performance.
  • A hard-hitting 180-grain Power-Point moving at 2,100 ft/s.
  • A 160-grain Power Max Bonded traveling at 2,225 ft/s, ideal for delivering deep penetration and high weight retention.
  • A 145-grain Full Metal Jacket from the USA ammo line clocking in at 2,350 ft/s, perfect for range training.
  • And lastly, a Super Suppressed 255-grain subsonic load cruising at 1,060 ft/s, excellent for suppressed fire.

Performance and Advantages

Last year I had the chance to dive into the world of the awe-inspiring .350 Legend cartridge, and let me tell you, it’s been one wild ride! Winchester really hit the mark with this gem, packing it full of exceptional features that’ll take your hunting game to the next level.

First off, this cartridge is an absolute dream when it comes to recoil – or should I say, the lack thereof. It’s like they took the playbook from the .223 and said, “Yeah, we can do that too.” The result? A kickback so mild it feels like you’re shooting cotton candy.

Now, every hunter knows that accuracy is king. And the .350 Legend? Well, it’s practically royalty. I’ve tested this cartridge in all sorts of terrains – open fields, dense undergrowth, you name it. And each time, it hit the mark. Many .350 Legend rifles offer 1-MOA accuracy, making it easier to place shots perfectly. That straight-wall design really comes in handy in thick brush, making those tricky woodland hunts easier.

But what about stopping power? Oh boy, does the .350 Legend deliver! Its larger projectiles offer deep penetration and wide expansion at close range. I’ve used this bad boy on deer hunts and it’s been a game-changer..

One of the things that really impressed me was the .350 Legend’s versatility. I’ve tried it out with a variety of bullet types – 180-grain soft points, bonded jackets, cores – and each time, it knocked it out of the park.

Now, I paired the .350 Legend with the Ruger American Rifle Ranch. Compact, lightweight, and a match made in heaven with the cartridge’s performance. Add a Leupold VX-3i scope to the mix, and you’re hitting bull’s-eyes all day long.

That said, no product’s perfect. While the .350 Legend is great for closer ranges, I found it lost a bit of its mojo beyond 200 yards. So, if you’re a long-range shooter, this might not be your go-to. Which is to be expected of a straight-wall cartridge. This round was made for near to medium-range shots after all.

Cost and Availability

Now, what about cost? Well, the .350 Legend scores major points here too. Unlike other hunting rounds that can make your wallet wince, this one is surprisingly budget-friendly. It uses components from .223 Remington and 9mm production, which keeps the price tag of the ammo pretty reasonable. More bang for your buck? Absolutely!

Who’s it For? Who’s it Not For?

So, who stands to benefit most from this cartridge? If you’re a hunter living in states that allow straight-walled cartridges for deer hunting (I’m looking at you, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania), the .350 Legend could be your new best friend. It’s also a great pick for newbies and young shooters who appreciate a low-recoil, low-muzzle-blast cartridge that’s easy to shoot and affordable.

On the flip side, if you’re hunting larger or tougher game than deer or shooting in open terrain where shots can exceed 250 yards, the .350 Legend might not cut it. And if you’re a fan of traditional or classic cartridges, this modern newcomer might not float your boat.

Rifles Chambered in .350 Legend

Ready to try the .350 Legend for yourself? Here are my top picks for rifles chambered in this cartridge:

Product NameSpecial FeaturesStar Rating
Mossberg Super Bantam Scoped ComboPerfect for young hunters, comes with removable spacer in the black synthetic stock and a 3-9×40 variable scope.★★★★☆
Savage Axis XP CamoWallet-friendly, features a factory-mounted 3-9x40mm scope and cool camo pattern.★★★★☆
Henry H015This single-shot rifle is available with a matte steel or polished brass frame.★★★★★
Winchester XPR HunterBolt-action rifle with a MOA trigger system and Perma-Cote finish.★★★★☆
Ruger American RanchCompact and lightweight, it features a threaded barrel and synthetic stock.★★★★☆

Unleashing the .350 Legend Review Final Verdict

The .350 Legend cartridge is a worthy contender in the hunting world. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, it’s definitely worth checking out. Happy hunting, folks!

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