Bravo Concealment's TORSION IWB Gun Holster

Bravo Concealment TORSION IWB Gun Holster Review

Trying to carry a concealed weapon can be a daunting task to perform. You need to look at your firearm, the outfit you’ll wear, and just as important is finding the right holster to use. New gun owners might think picking a holster is easy, but ask any gun carrying veterans and odds are they have space somewhere filled with unused holsters (myself included).

There are dozens of holsters on the market designed for concealed carrying and even more opinions for which holsters are the best to perform this task. Ask a few gun friends, which is the best, and you are likely to get a different answer from each one. For those looking to conceal carry, an inside-the-waistband (IWB) is an excellent option in general.  So we decided to put the Torsion IWB Gun Holster through some real-life testing and gave a detailed analysis below. However, if you do not have time to thoroughly review this our analysis check out our summary below for the highlights.  

TORSION IWB Gun Holster Review- At Glance

What We Like

  • Trigger Guard
  • Firearm Retention and Protection
  • Comfort
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Concealment

 What We Do Not Like

  • Cost

 Detailed Review

Bravo Concealment allowed us to try their Torsion IWB holster for our Glock 19 Gen 4, and we decided to put the holster through the ringers. After our extensive testing, we conclude that this is a reliable IWB holster that anybody in the market for an IWB holster should take a serious look at.

Note: Just like with everything else in this world, there are exceptions to when an IWB holster is not the best choice. For example, wearing a dress, or wearing the holster without a belt on. In those situations, a thigh, ankle, belly band or off-body carry holster are some options. 

Unfortunately, there is no “silver bullet” IWB holster, but there are a few key areas a good IWB holster should perform well in:

  1. Trigger Guard– The holster should have hard or tough material covering the entire trigger area of your gun to prevent from accidental discharge
  2. Firearm Retention and Protection– Keeps weapon secured while holstered, and prevents it from falling out. The holster should also offer protection to the gun from wearing regularly.
  3. Comfort– No matter how “great” people claim, a holster is, if it is not comfortable for you to wear, it is no good.
  4. Concealment– The IWB holster should conceal well under clothes (minimal print).
  5. Ease of Use– The holster allows the gun to be drawn and reholstered easily while wearing.
  6. Durability– The holster can endure daily use without breaking down.
  7. Cost– The price does not break the bank. **bonus**

The Holster

The  Torsion IWB Gun Holster is Bravo Concealment’s 2nd generation  IWB holster that is made from a durable polymer and not kydex. This new generation is designed with a what Bravo Concealment calls,” torsion technology” meaning the holster is created with 10-degree inward angle. Bravo Concealment stats this torsion technology allows for such superior concealment that is, “better than any competitor’s holster.” Bravo Concealment also listed the following features for the Torsion IWB Holster:

  • Deeper Concealment with NEW Torsion Technology
  • Integrated 10 degrees inward cant for greater conceal-ability
  • Designed specifically for IWB concealed carry
  • Virtually drops out of sight and erases your weapon’s visual signature
  • Comfortable to wear
  • One of few IWB holsters offering retention
  • Holster adds minimal mass to weapon
  • Holster retains its shape for efficient one-handed reholstering

To us, that is a pretty big clam with some impressive features. So when Bravo Concealment asked if we wanted to try this puppy out, you know we were all over it!

Outdoor Methods Official Test:

Our hypothesis

Observing the holster, we believe that the holster will:

  • Protect the trigger while holstered
  • Protect the weapon from damage due to regularly carrying
  • Retain the pistol in the holster while wearing it

We do not think the holster will conceal well, be as comfortable, or as easy to use as Bravo Concealment claims.

Methods for Testing


Gun: Glock 19 Gen 4 standard sights

Holster: Bravo Concealment’s Torsion 3.0 IWB Holster for Glock 19

Bravo Concealment's TORSION IWB Kydex Gun Holster


The producer was designed to demonstrate how well the holster protects the trigger, retains the firearm, how well it protects the gun, how easy it is to use, how comfortable the holster is, how well it conceals the weapon, and how durable it is. To test the holster in all these areas, I will wear the holster and firearm around for one week. This includes driving to the store, sitting at a restaurant, walking around town and wearing while working at my small farm, including driving our Massey Ferguson. During this time I will put the holster in different positions, wear with different clothes (all with a belt), and draw plus insert gun into the holster regularly.  


Upon initial inspection, we could tell the construction of the holster is lightweight and sleek with nothing protruding to catch your pants or shirt. As mentioned earlier, the holster is made from a polymer and not a kydex holster.  It feels more durable than most kydex holsters.  

We also noticed the holster comes with a more than adequate space for custom sights or a threaded barrel. I have ran into the dilemma of adding a raised front sight and adjustable rear sights only to discover that the holster I have for the gun did not accommodate them…..not my proudest moment….One issue I was concerned about was how well the clips would do with my belt. This was due to the size of the clips, and they would attach to my belt. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to put the holster on, and taking the holster off. The clips went over my belt with no issues at all.  The construction of the belt clips made the holster stable as I pulled and holstered the gun about thirty times without the holster becoming displaced during the week run.  

It is also worth noting the firmness and shape of the holster allowed a one-handed reholstering with one smooth action.The retention on the gun was such that it made the drawing of the weapon very easy and smooth. When I grasped the gun to draw it, my trigger finger slid down the back belt attachment making for a very stable grip and smooth draw. I don’t think the belt attachment was designed for this purpose, but it enables a firm repeatable grip and a smooth draw with perfect trigger finger position when drawn.

In fact, the only way I could dislodge the gun from the holster was to turn it upside down and shake it. Running, walking, sitting, and climbing did not dislodge the firearm once during this week trail. The Torsion 3.0 IWB Holster protected my Glock 19 just as well as any other IWB holsters I have worn.  The trigger was covered entirely when in the holster, however the cliprelease button on the Glock was accessible allowing the replacement of a clip while holstered if so desired.

Bravo Concealment's TORSION IWB Kydex Gun Holster
Bravo Concealment's TORSION IWB Kydex Gun Holster

Notice the clip release button

I wore the holster in the hip, appendix, and back positions. The print on the hip and back positions was excellent. The design of the holster with the 10-degree inward angle brought the butt of the gun into my body that allowed a negligible print of the weapon.

However, on me, the concealment of the Glock 19 was not as good in the appendix position as it was in the other two locations while wearing a tee shirt. Yet, when I was wearing an untucked loose button up, the appendix position was not an issue. I took it up a notch and took off the front belt clip just as the video below describes allowing me to adjust the cant. This really did help with lowering the print of the weapon and allowing an increase in comfortability. However, just like before the appendix was not the best position for me with regards to concealment. 

The holster and gun setup was stable all day long, and for what I was doing day in and day out was surprisingly comfortable in all three positions. This included me plowing, building, and riding my side by side at the farm. It must be noted that one reason the holster is so comfortable is due to how light it is.

 The only position that was not as comfortable for me was the appendix position even with the front clip removed. I would recommend using a smaller weapon around the size of a Ruger LCP if you desire to use this holster for the appendix carry position.

Bravo Concealment's TORSION IWB Kydex Gun Holster
Bravo Concealment's TORSION IWB Kydex Gun Holster


Bravo Concealment’s Torsion IWB Holster

After our testing we feel confident in saying that if you are in the market for a IWB holster you should seriously consider looking at this holster.

Bravo Concealment has a downright impressive holster. It scores well in all the primary areas for an IWB holster to be considered good.  These areas are trigger guard, firearm retention and protection, comfort, concealment, durability, and ease of use. It also scores well in the pricing category which is a huge plus. Therefore, our hypothesis was wrong due the holster outperforming how we thought it would. Due to the size of the Glock 19, I really did not think the holster would be able to  perform as well with concealment, comfort, and ease of use. However, I was very much mistaken. The 10-degree inward angle of the holster really does help with concealment. The belt clips and the design of the holster itself make it very easy to use and comfortable to wear. Can I say that this is the best IWB holster out there? Honestly, I cannot tell if it is or is not. However, what I can say is based on our testing this is an exceptional IWB holster.

It appears Bravo Concealment put their money where their mouth is with the Torsion 3.0 IWB Holster.

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