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The Best Pocket Holsters -2023

As compared to other methods like inside the waistband or a shoulder holster that can sometimes hurt while carrying, these pocket holsters provide users with comfort and practicality. But how do you make sure you’re picking the right one?

Top Pocket Holsters

For Glock 42

For Glock 43

For S&W M&P Shield

For Ruger LCP

For Ruger LCP II

For Smith & Wesson J-Frame

For Sig Sauer P365

The Best Pocket Holster: Our Picks

For Glock 42

Desantis Nemesis Holster for 42

Desantis Nemesis Holster for 43

This comfortable, low-profile holster is made of a foam core with a woven cloth exterior. Thanks to an extremely tight weave, this material has low-friction, making the draw easy. Notably, this holster is ambidextrous and can fit in either front pockets.


  • Lightweight woven material is low-friction
  • Dense foam core breaks up the gun outline and prevents printing
  • Glock 42-specific design ensures a tight fit


  • The holster is larger and may not fit in some pockets
  • Does not conceal handle of pistol well

ComfortTac The Protector Premium Holster

ComfortTac The Protecto Premium Holster

This unique holster design grips to the inside of your pocket as you draw your gun. The interior of the holster is made of an especially slick material, making it easy to draw your weapon quickly. This design is also meant to fit most smaller .380s–it isn’t made specifically for the Glock 42. 


  • Design is compatible with a few different models, so you can use it with other small-frame .380s as well
  • The exterior grips the inside of your pocket making it harder to accidentally pull the holster and gun out of your pocket
  • The high-coverage design conceals firearm well


  • The holster doesn’t always grip looser pockets
  • There isn’t a lot of padding, so some guns might print if your pants are tight

For Glock 43

Desantis Nemesis Holster for 43

Desantis Nemesis Holster for 43

This holster is virtually identical to the Desantis holster for the Glock 42 described above. This one also has a slick interior for a quick draw. While there’s a low risk of accidentally pulling the holster out of your pocket, some people who use it with shorts note that a looser pocket sometimes means you’ll pull out the holster with the gun. On the plus side, some buyers have said it’s also compatible with pistols similar in size to the Glock 43.


  • The extra-slick interior makes it easy to quickly draw when needed
  • The full-coverage design completely protects the trigger and trigger guard
  • It’s sized to fit the Glock 43 but also works with other pistols


  • It may not stay put in looser pockets
  • Some buyers have said the thin design doesn’t totally stop printing

Elite Holster

Elite Holster

This holster has a square bottom, which gives you an advantage–to the casual observer, it just looks like you have a wallet or phone in your pocket. Most buyers say it’s thick enough to completely stop printing, but no so thick that it becomes uncomfortable or overly bulky. Like many pocket holsters, it has a grippy outer surface that’s meant to stay put on the draw. 


  • Square-bottom design is ideal for concealed pocket carry
  • Grippy outer layer keeps it in place
  • Unlike some holster options, this one is padded enough to stop printing


  • Some buyers say the holster needs time to break in before you can draw normally
  • In some cases, the holster seems to not stick in place in the wearer’s pocket

For S&W M&P Shield

UTG 3.9″ Ambidextrous Holster

UTG 3.9" Ambidextrous Holster

Many people would argue this is the best pocket holster for M&P Shield. Unlike some options that come with a “grippy” or rubberized outer layer, this one has two non-slip bands designed to hold it in place. There’s a built-in side pocket for keeping cash or cards, too. It’s thick enough to stop printing, and most buyers note that it stays in place on the draw.


  • Most buyers say that it’s very comfortable in the pocket
  • For some users, the bands aren’t enough to hold the holster in place
  • Unique design stops printing


  • Some buyers have had issues with bunching or creasing on the interior
  • For some users, the bands aren’t enough to hold the holster in place

Sticky Holsters MD-4 Medium

Sticky Holster MD-4 Medium

Sticky Holsters aren’t designed only for the Shield, but they fit just about any subcompact. As the name suggests, the pocket holster is engineered with a unique sticky substance that can adhere to most types of material. This feature makes it great for those who don’t wear belts. The sticky content of Sticky Holsters are more effective at keeping the gun in place than most designs that rely on having a tight pocket. This one is a little more expensive than some on the list, but many buyers seem to think it’s worth it.

**For more details check out our full review of the Sticky Holster**


  • One-of-a-kind sticky outside stays in place
  • Can be worn either in the pocket or as an IWB holster
  • Works with similar-sized guns to the Shield as well


  • It’s more expensive than some options
  • Some users have said that the Shield sits too far down in the holster

For Ruger LCP

Garrison Grip Custom Fit Woven Holster

Garrison Grip Custom Fit Woven Holster

Like some of the holster options we’ve covered thus far, this option has a non-slip band instead of a grippy outside to keep it in place. The inside is soft enough to protect your Ruger LCP, and nylon casters help make drawing easier. The bottom of the holster is shaped a lot like a wallet, making it easy to conceal.


  • Square footprint helps reduce printing
  • Outer bands hold it in place while making it easy to draw
  • Most users say it is sturdy and well-made


  • This is wider than some holsters, so it may not fit in every pocket
  • If you have a Ruger LCP with a laser sight, it may not fit

Allen Spiderweb Holster for Inside the Pocket

Allen Spiderweb Holster for Inside the Pocket

The “spiderweb” in this holster’s name refers to the sticky spiderweb design on the outside. Like Sticky Holsters, you can wear these holsters inside the waistband as well. The lining is extra slick to make drawing easy, and it’s padded enough to stop printing from giving away the fact that you’re carrying.


  • Unique sticky design can be worn as an IWB holster or in your pocket
  • Custom sizing ensures that it will fit your gun just right
  • The slick interior makes it easy to draw quickly when needed


  • Some users have reported issues with the web material sticking to pockets, making them accidentally draw the holster along with the gun
  • In some cases, the company’s sizing seems to run small

For Ruger LCP 2

DESANTIS Super Fly Holster

Desantis Super Fly Holster

This holster features a rubberized, sticky outer material, which is an improvement over other Desantis holsters. Like always, the inside is lined with extra-slick cloth for an easy draw. This holster is thick enough to break up the outline of a pistol in your pocket, and you can order it for front or back pocket carry.


  • Sticky, rubberized outer layer ensures that the holster stays in your pocket
  • Ambidextrous design makes it very versatile
  • Has enough padding to stop printing


  • The holster can become too loose for the gun over time
  • In some cases, the rubberized exterior starts to lose stickiness or peel completely off

Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Nylon OT Inside-The-Pocket Holster

Uncle Mike's Inside-The-Pocket Holster

Like some other holsters on the list, this one has a non-slip band that keeps the holster in place when you draw. This holster is also more cushioned than many–it protects your gun from excess sweat and protects clothing, too. The slanted top provides more coverage than many holsters and prevents buttons and levers from catching.


  • The cushioned design prevents printing
  • Square-bottom design keeps it in place and makes it look more like a wallet
  • Design holds gun upright to make drawing easier


  • It can be a challenge to keep the holster in place when drawing
  • With tighter clothing, it may not always prevent printing

For Smith & Wesson J-Frame

Barsony New Brown Leather Holster

Barsony New Brown Leather Holster

This is one of the few leather holsters on the list, and its square-bottom design makes it ideal for pocket carry. The Leather is thick enough to stop printing in most cases, and the leather interior won’t catch as you draw. Plus, as the Leather becomes worn, it develops a beautiful patina.


  • Cowhide leather construction is exceptionally durable and thick enough to stop printing
  • Leather will wear evenly and conform to your body over time
  • Unique design can be worn in your pocket or used for purse or backpack carry


  • The holster has a habit of not staying open after drawing, so re-holstering may become an issue
  • It’s somewhat expensive compared to other options on the list

Elite Survival Systems Holster

Elite Survival Systems Holster

This holster is especially heavy-duty- and is made from ballistic Nylon and can stand up to even extreme conditions. It also comes with a separate magazine pouch. The rig is sturdy enough to reduce printing. Like many holsters designed for pocket carry, it’s squared off at the bottom, as is the magazine pouch.


  • Ballistic nylon construction is extra sturdy
  • Bonus magazine pouch lets you carry additional ammo
  • Design helps minimize printing


  • The outer layer doesn’t have a sticky or “grippy” surface, so it may not stay in place when drawing
  • It’s somewhat expensive compared to others on the list

For Sig Sauer P365 

Looking for more holsters for the Sig Sauer P365? Check out our article for the The Best IWB Holster for the Sig P365.

Alien Gear ShapeShift Pocket Holster

Alien Gear Shapeshift Holsters

The Alien Gear ShapeShift Pocket Holster is significantly different from other pocket holsters on the market for firearms.

Alien Gear custom-molded the pocket holster specifically for the Sig Sauer P365 for exceptional fitment and features a fully adjustable passive retention system and a wrapped trigger guard for greater security.

Alien Gear Shapeshift Pocket Holster’s pocket catch hangs up on the interior rim of the pocket, providing an anchor point. Allowing for a smooth pistol draw out of the pocket by creating counter-tension.


  • Lifetime Warranty by Alien Gear
  • Right and Left-hand draw configuration
  • Passive Retention
  • Trigger Guard
  • 30-day test driver by Alien Gear
  • Left-hand configuration 
  • Durable


  • Not as comfortable as a leather holster
  • Can cause printing
  • My move around if pockets are too big

Galco Front Pocket Holster (Horsehide) for P365

Galco Front Pocket Holster

The Galco Front Pocket Holster is the perfect go-to for concealing your P365 pistol discreetly! This pocket companion ensures that your firearm stays put, making it easier and quicker to grab when needed. Not only does its design offer trigger guard protection, but it also minimizes printing through clothing fabric while still allowing one-handed access to both the pistol and holder.

This Galco Front Pocket holster boasts the perfect blend of stiffness and flexibility for an ideal draw for the P365. Its unique hooked shape at the bottom of the trigger guard easily catches in your pocket, allowing you to quickly but safely draw your weapon.

The Pocket Protector can be used with both hands and is made of high-quality Center Cut Steerhide.


  • Stays in place inside pants
  • Smooth pull
  • Reinforced opening
  • Comfort
  • Durable


  • Printing with revolver
  • Loose retention for some firearms

Vedder Holsters’ Pocket Locker

Vedder Holsters’ Pocket Locker is an incredible concealed carry invention that features three innovative draw methods: snag it from your pants, attach paracord in a bag or purse with eyelet hardware for a snatch style un-holster, or use the optional thumb tab for quick release draw. Plus, each one is custom molded Kydex so that it fits perfectly around your unique firearm – security and prevents moisture with its sweat guard


  • Trigger guard
  • Sweat Guard
  • Custom molder for your firearm
  • Made in the USA!
  • Retention


  • Retention is tight out of the box for these holsters
  • Must pay extra for an upgraded model (Curved for better concealment and thumb release)
  • Designed for front pocket carry only

Choosing a Pocket Holster Guide

What Should You Think About Before Buying Pocket Holsters for Concealed Carry?

Is This The Best Method To Conceal Carry?

Some people might describe pocket-carrying as lazy, but it has a few advantages. Even some in the FBI use it. Especially in the summer because pocket holsters have excellent concealment even when wearing fewer layers, and is not as hot as belly band holster.

Is Pocket Carrying Right For you? 

If you spend much time on your feet, pocket-carrying is a viable option. 

However, pocket-carrying may not be for you if you’re seated at a desk or behind the wheel. We recommend you look at a shoulder holster or maybe even an ankle holster for these situations, btw… 

Inside your pocket, holsters have an advantage by giving you the element of surprise!

What’s The Best Way To Use A Inside Your Pocket Holster?

Generally, when using one of these rigs, you want a holster that accomplishes a few objectives:

  • Holds your gun in a draw-ready position.
  • Protects the trigger to prevent accidental firing.
  • Conceals the shape of the weapon.
  • Protects the gun from pocket debris and protects your pants from the firearm.

Carrying without a holster makes it difficult to draw when seconds count. Good pocket holsters will hold the firearm in place while in your pocket. 

Do not have anything else in the pocket you are carrying your firearm in. with. For example, keys, wallets, cell phone, cash, etc.

If you carry it in your pocket, clean your firearm regularly to avoid any debris buildup from your pocket. 

Since most pistols used for pocket carrying are small, they don’t have extended magazines. If you want to bring a spare magazine, then consider that when picking out your holster. Just an FYI, though, most shooting matches are done within 2-4 shots.

The Best Pistols For Pocket Carrying

If you’re shopping for a holster, you may already have a gun you intend to pocket-carry. If not, check out one of the firearms below.

Glock 42 and Glock 43

Can you pocket-carry a Glock 42? Yes, it is a popular subcompact .380 designed for concealed carry. It’s exceptionally light–even with a full magazine, it weighs less than a pound.

The Glock 43 is a similar small pistol but in a 9mm caliber. This gun is more substantial and of a higher caliber, so some people might find it preferable.

S&W Shield

Smith & Wesson is one of the best-known gun manufacturers, and the 9mm M&P Shield is an excellent choice for pocket carry. It also has a higher-capacity magazine than many carry pistols–the standard magazine holds eight rounds.

Ruger LCP

The pint-sized Ruger LCP .380 is an excellent option for concealed carry. It has an exceptionally ergonomic grip. As a bonus, you can also purchase a model equipped with a laser sight.

Ruger LCP 2

The LCP 2 is another .380, but it’s mostly an upgraded version. You might appreciate the LCP 2’s larger grip if you have larger hands.

Smith & Wesson J-Frame

If you’d prefer to conceal a revolver, Smith & Wesson’s J-frame models are compact, lightweight choices.

Sig Sauer P365

After a rough start, the Sig Sauer P365 has come back with a vengeance. This weapon has quickly become one of the most popular self-defense pistols on the market, and for a good reason – it’s fantastic! Check out the best IWB holsters for the Sig Sauer P365 as well.

How to Choose The Best Holster

The best pocket holster for you depends on several factors. However, here are 3 critical features: 

  • Retention for the pistol to carry securely and safely
  • Allows a clean draw from the pocket
  • Prevents the printing of a firearm in your pocket.

For the first point, you must ensure the holster you choose fits your gun.

For the second point, it’s crucial to ensure you get a clean draw. This may take some practice.

For the last point, if you want to stop the gun from clearly printing in your pocket, look for holsters with a built-in panel that covers the weapon.

What Material Do You Need?

Holsters come in a variety of different materials. Here are some of the common elements you’ll likely find as you search:

Leather–Leather is a popular material choice. It’s usually rigid enough to hold a gun in place and wears nicely. Over time, a leather holster will typically conform to the shape of the wearer’s body, making it more comfortable to wear.

Nylon–Nylon is a very affordable material, and it’s very lightweight.

Kydex– Kydex composite material is very lightweight and very strong. 


Trigger coverage is an essential feature of a pocket holster, as it helps to ensure the safety of both the gun and the person carrying it. The trigger guard is the area on a handgun that wraps around and covers the trigger. This prevents accidental weapon discharge due to manipulation or contact with the trigger.

What Clothing Material Can You Use It With?

Before purchasing a holster, it’s a good idea to consider the types of pants you usually wear.

Some holsters are designed specifically for back-pocket use, and these are more likely to have a square or rectangular panel that hides the gun.  If comfort is your main focus than we recommend you check out a belly band holster.

More FAQs About Pocket Holsters

Is SIG P365 suitable for pocket carry?

The SIG Sauer P365 is an excellent option for pocket carry due to its superior features and capabilities.

What is the best pocket pistol?

The best pocket pistol for concealed carry depends on several factors, such as size, caliber, and the user’s preference. Any firearm listed above would be a great choice as a pocket holster.

Final Thoughts

While we think any holster on the list is worth looking into, it is up to you to decide which you believe will be best for you. Let us know which you choose below! Now if you want to be a true trend setter checkout our top picks for fanny pack holster. Or if you are really hardcore check out our top picks for drop leg holster.

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