What Is The Best IWB Tuckable Holster for 2021?

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If you are in a hurry and just want to know the best IWB tuckable holster, our evidence supports the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster as the one you should consider.

What if I told you that you could conceal carry AND tuck in your shirt AND still be able to draw your weapon if needed? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it is possible and easy to do.  

Our Top Picks For A Tuckable IWB Holster 

  1. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster
  2. Galco King Tuk IWB Holster
  3. Foxx Holsters
  4. Desantis Sof-Tuck Holster
  5. CrossBreed IWB Supertuck Holster


What Is A Tuckable Holster? 

A tuckable IWB holster is designed to allow …You guessed it!! Tuck your shirt over your holster and pistol while carrying. When done correctly, the only part of the holster that is visible is the holster’s clip(s).

 So what is the difference between a standard IWB holster and a tuckable holster? The answer is simply the holster’s clip(s).

The clip or clips of a tuckable IWB holster are designed with a deep “U” shape link that connects the clip to the holster. This allows the shirts to be tucked in between the holster’s clip(s), and the pants. Whoever thought about this simple yet genius idea needs a medal.

What Situations Should You Use A Tuckable IWB Holster?

Typically, people wear them to formal occasions, to the office, or their spouse wants them to tuck their dang shirt in!! 

The Speed vs. Conceal Debate

A significant drawback with conceal carrying using a tuckable IWB holster is the decrease in how fast you can draw your firearm. This is a debate that many gun owners have frequently. However, the more you practice drawing your weapon using a tuckable holster, the better and faster you will become. 

Some Factors That Affect Your Draw

  • Type of firearm and holster you are using
  • Angle (cant) of holster while wearing
  • Retention on the gun from the holster
  • The position you are carrying your weapon in
  • Pair of pants you are wearing and how long your shirt is

What To Look For In A Tuckable IWB Holster 

Holster that Fits Your Firearm The wrong holster for your gun will make your concealed carrying experience very difficult.

When buying an IWB tuckable holster, the seller usually will make you select which firearm model you are buying for. If you are unsure which holster to purchase, ask the seller or check with the manufacturer before buying.

Dominant HandBe sure you purchase the holster designed for your dominant hand. Unfortunately most tuckable IWB holsters (and holsters as a whole for that matter) are not ambidextrous.

Note: all the holster noted below have left and right-handed configuration available. However, left-handed people may need to check the manufacturer’s website

Adjustable CantA holster with adjustable cant allows you to decide what the carry angle of your pistol is while in the holster. This will improve how comfortable the rig is while you are wearing it. It also allows for better concealment, and enables you to have a quicker draw time because the pistol grip is right where you want it.

Adjustable HeightHolsters with adjustable height allow you to determine how low or high a holster will ride on your waistline.

Common issues related to the ride height of a holster are printing (usually holster is riding too high), comfort (holster and pistol digging into you due to a ride height that is too high or low). Last but not least is it can be difficult to get a good grip on the pistol if the holster is riding too low.

Adjustable Retention– The adjustable retention of a holster allows you to adjust how “tight a holster” holds onto a gun. This will enable you to ensure there is enough retention on your pistol to keep it snug in the holster but not too much retention that it is hard to draw your pistol. Remember, most IWB holsters do not have a retention strap.

ConcealmentNo matter how much you can adjust a holster or what accessories come with it, poorly design holsters are tough to conceal. Without concealment IWB holsters (especially tuckable IWB holster) are a waste of time.

ComfortJust like with concealment, you could have the most adjustable holster that has more accessories than a Tesla, but if it is not comfortable odds are you will not wear it.

Ease of UseA holster should be easy to adjust, put on, take off, and re-holster. If it is not, we will put money down that it ends up in a drawer in your gun room.

The most essential area a holster needs to be easy to use in is drawing your firearm. Of course, you need to practice to make sure this is second nature to you, but if a holster is challenging to draw from, it could add seconds to your draw time. Seconds that you might not have…..

DurabilityA holster needs to withstand the test of time. Holsters are like shoes, most of them need to be broken in. You do not want a rig that just got broken in, and then the holster breaks.

ClipsWe can all agree that an IWB holster’s clip(s) is a vital feature of the holster. However, I will take this a step further and say clips are its Achilles’ heel. If the holster has a clip that will not keep the holster in place, not clip to your belt, or is not durable, then the rig is basically worthless.

Ability to Interchange the shell of the HolsterInterchangeable holsters are an excellent option for people who alternate which pistol they carry on a daily basis. Changing just the shell of the holster, and not having to buy a new holster for each gun will save you money.

Our Top Choices For The Best Tuckable IWB Holsters

1. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster

To us, Alien Gear’s Cloak Tuck 3.5 Holster is the top dog for tuckable holsters. Alien Gear is a company known for making products that are high quality and innovative. 

The Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster is designed to stay close to the body. This holster is also a hybrid, meaning it has a durable shell generally made out of a plastic material and a soft (usually leather) backing that is more comfortable against your skin.

Like many of the others on our list, the best position to wear this holster is in the 3 to 5 o’clock position, and you should avoid wearing it in the 6 o’clock position.

The “CoolVent” neoprene material allows the base of the rig to be breathable, this will help minimize your chances of sweating while wearing the holster. This neoprene also wicks any moisture you might have on your skin away. 

The “Alien Skin” of the holster will keep your firearm snug in place while carrying. This new generation of Cloak Tuck holsters has no hardware exiting on the back of it, allowing for greater comfort while wearing.

Alien Gear also added belt clips that can be adjusted by hand without a tool. This enables you to customize your cant and ride height on the fly.


  • Adjustable cant
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable retention
  • No tools needed to adjust height and cant
  • Comfort
  • Concealment
  • Can request a customized holster shell be made to accommodate aftermarket sights and lasers.
  • Easy to draw
  • Backing completely covers slide of the gun and keeps it from touching your skin
  • Trigger guard protection (This will ensure the trigger is not pulled while holstered)


  • Can be hard to put on because belt clips are stiff
  • The manufacturer recommends applying nail polish to screws to give them a snug fit so they will not come to lose.
  • Some consider it bulky

**Check Price on Amazon**

2. Galco King Tuk IWB Holster

Galco has been around since 1969, and used to be called “The Famous Jackass Leather Company.” Since the company’s beginnings, people ranging from Hollywood all the way to law enforcement have been a massive fan of Galco.

Galco also merged kydex and leather with the result being a superior IWB rig that you can tuck your shirt in with, and is very comfortable to wear.

 Just like most IWB holsters, it’s kydex shell has been explicitly molded for a specific gun model.


  • Leather backing makes it comfortable to wear
  • The shell of the holster is very durable because it is made of kydex
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Conceals firearm well
  • Backing completely covers slide of the gun preventing it from touching your skin
  • Easy to holster firearm while wearing
  • Trigger guard cover (This will ensure the trigger is not pulled while holstered)


  • Clips wear out quickly and may not keep the holster in the waistline when drawing your holster
  • Cannot adjust the retention
  • Kydex holster shell only accommodates stock pistol sights.
  • Sometimes requires two hands to draw. One holding the holster while the other draws

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3.  Foxx Holsters

Your first thought when you see this holster, might be “this is it?!” At least that is what we thought. The holster’s looks are nothing to write home about, but Foxx Holsters was not out to make holster eye candy. 

They were looking to create a highly functional IWB holster that was comfortable, easy to conceal, and could be worn with a tucked-in shirt. This is another hybrid IWB holster that is very similar to Galco’s King Tuk IWB Rig but at half the price.

Per Foxx Holsters, this inside the waistband tuckable holster has a “9oz vegetable tanned leather backing,” which makes it very comfortable on the skin. The holster shell is made of Keydex, which has been explicitly molded for a specific gun model, and this puppy can be worn anywhere between the 3 and 5 o’clock position.


  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable cant (forward)
  • Comfortable
  • Concealment
  • Trigger guard (This will ensure the trigger is not pulled when holstered)
  • Price
  • Excellent retention on the gun when wearing with a good belt
  • Easy to draw
  • Backing completely covers slide of the weapon and prevents it from touching your skin


  • Kydex is thinner than other holsters and has been known to bend when wearing. This can make it hard to re-holster.
  • Leather backing can make noise until it is broken in
  • No adjustable retention 
  • Clips’ screws are known to come to lose
  • Not designed to accommodate aftermarket sights or lasers

**Check Price on Amazon**

4. Desantis Sof-Tuck Holster

If you want just a simple yet effective IWB tuckable holster, check out the Desantis Sof Tuck Holster. The holster has been designed to  be carried strong side, cross draw, and the small of your back. 

The holster has a secure fit due to the clip going over the waistband then down behind the belt and connects to the belt a the bottom.


  • Adjustable Cant
  • Saddle leather that re-enforces the opening of the holster to allow for holstering while wearing
  • Secure fit due to clip going over the waistband then down behind the belt and connects to the belt a the bottom.
  • Better concealment due to clip connecting behind and at the bottom of the belt.
  • Comfortable due to leather on skin connect
  • Covers trigger guard (This will ensure the trigger is not pulled while holstered)
  • The holster is cut away at the start of the pistol’s grip and allows you to get a solid hold before drawing your firearm.
  • Price


  • No adjustable retention
  • Once broken in, there is little retention on the pistol while carrying
  • The backing of holster does not entirely cover the slide of the gun which will come in contact with your skin
  • To re-holster, you might have to unbuckle your belt and undo your pants.
  • No adjustable ride height
  • Not designed to accommodate many aftermarket sights or lasers

**Check Price on Cabela’s**

5. CrossBreed IWB Supertuck Holster

CrossBreed is known for holsters that have a steep price tag, but are very high quality.   Some even consider them the gold standard. You will never guess what kind of style this holster is…. It is a hybrid IWB rig that can be to worn in the 3 to 5 o’clock position. 


  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable cant
  • Comfort
  • Easy to draw
  • Easy to holster while wearing
  • Backing completely covers slide of the gun and keeps it from touching your skin
  • Trigger guard protection


  • The backing has been known to press against the mag release button of the gun.  As a result the mag comes out of the firearm while in the holster
  • Takes 1-2 weeks of continuously wearing to break-in.
  • It does not entirely cover the muzzle of your firearm and could lead to scratches on your pistol due to rubbing against your clothes.
  • Not designed to handle aftermarket sights and lasers

**Check Price on Cabela’s**

Our Verdict

These holsters fill an important niche in the concealed carry market. While perhaps not the absolute best in any particular category, the versatility that tuckable holsters bring to the table shouldn’t be underestimated. Your gun can’t help you unless you’re carrying it, and depending on your job or obligations that can often be tough.

That is why we recommend the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster as the best tuckable holster on the market right now.  However, all the holsters listed above will help you master the art of conceal carrying with a tucked in shirt.

We’re enthusiastically in favor of anything that allows more folks to legally carry concealed, so next time you need to tuck your shirt in,  do not be afraid to carry your concealed weapon in a tuckable IWB holster. Let us know what you think below!

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