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The Ultimate Sticky Holster Review- Your Complete #1 Guide

If you do not have time to read our whole article, check the summary of the Sticky Holster review below. Be sure you understand what an inside the waistband (IWB) holster is before you read this review.

What We Like About the Sticky Holster

  • The non-slip material of the holster adheres to skin, fabric and solid surfaces
  • Does not require belts, loops, or buckles
  • Reasonable trigger protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fits inside a purse, glovebox, etc.
  • The holster conforms to your firearm that results in almost a customized holster for your firearm
  • Ambidextrous

What We Don’t Like About the Sticky Holster

  • Your gun can get caught in the seam if not used right
  • Firearm can fall out if not properly placed in the holster
  • Challenging to reholster if holster collapses once your firearm is drawn carrying inside the waistband,
  • Bending over may cause the gun to fall out of the holster.

The Ultimate Sticky Holster Review-Detailed

With very hard work, we have completed this detailed review of the “Sticky Holster: just for you. Shoot, we even had Grandma try it out and you know she is a holster critic…

The Ultimate Sticky Holster Review

Key Features That Can Benefit You

“Sticky” Surface (Why is it SO Sticky!?)

The holster is made of a special non-slip material that adheres to skin, fabric, and solid surfaces to keep the holster in place while in use. This includes the holster staying in place when a gun is drawn. How does the holster keep your weapon from falling out once holstered you ask?

The geniuses at Sticky Holster put the same special non-slip material that is on the outside of the holster on the inside of it as well This results in the non-slip material creating friction with your gun to keep it in place. So the holster is not actually sticky, but we have to admit the name Sticky Holster is pretty cool. Are we the only ones that want to call it sticky icky holster!?

Low Profile

The padding on the holster is thick enough to protect the gun, but also thin enough to make it comfortable to wear. Tiny weapons will be almost invisible, while a larger (up to 5-inch barrels) gun will be easy to conceal under clothing. It also doesn’t take up much space in a purse or backpack.

The best part of this is being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt and still carry your gun. It’s much lighter, and there’s no extra belt or loop to get in the way.

We have to say, We wish one of us had this five years ago on our camping trip. We were already carrying heavy packs and holsters strapped to our waists and chests. It was very uncomfortable, but we wanted our protection. To say the Sticky Holster would have been very welcome back then would be an understatement.


As time goes on, your body heat will work with the holster to mold to the shape of your gun. This will improve the fit of your firearm inside your holster and help keep it more secure. That is what you call synergy.

What is the Sticky Holster? 

The Sticky Holster is a low-profile no clip holster that promises to allow the user to comfortably and easily carry a handgun in a variety of situations. It is designed to remain hidden but still enables the gun to be quickly drawn.

It is easy to conceal as the small profile molds to the shape of the gun. Besides, the absence of belts and clips means it can be placed in many different places. For example, between the waist and skin, a purse, pocket, or vehicle glove box.

However, the Sticky Holster is not easy to use in open carry scenarios. In those cases, a more traditional holster would be a better option.

A few examples where we have found that the Sticky Holster is a great option is for joggers or late night strolls as it requires no belt. Also, as the gun is drawn, the holster will remain in place. 

It is designed for smaller handguns, so a regular holster is the best bet for anything more than a small handgun.  

How Does it Work, and Why is it Sticky?

So how does a holster with no clip that “attaches” to you actually work? I thought it was some voodoo at first, but after researching it, we found out the following. A Sticky Holster actually works in two different ways while carrying on your body. 

  • Inside the Waistband (IWB) -The soft but non-slip outer layer of the holster creates friction between your body, the holster, and your waistband that holds the rig in place. It uses the compression pressure exerted on the holster by the waistband of your pants to create this friction.
  • Inside Your Pocket– In this carrying method, the Sticky Holster uses friction alone to keep the holster in place. 

But How Safe is it?

The number one question that is on most people’s minds is whether this holster actually stays in place while wearing. The answer to this question is it depends… As long as the holster has enough compression force inside your waistband or friction in a pocket, it will stay put even while you are jogging. 

Sticky Holster even promotes a story where a man was wearing the rig in the IWB position while riding his Harley and hit a deer. The man fell off his bike and went sliding. As a result, he had a few broken ribs, but his gun never came out of his holster. 

Another primary concern for most people is how does the rig protect the trigger of your firearm while holstered. While the holster’s trigger guard cover is not hard plastic, the design of the apparatus prevents the trigger from accidentally being pulled while in the rig. Both the non-slip material and padding within holster play a role in protecting your pistol’s trigger. 

Where you will need to keep an eye on this holster is if you bend down while wearing it, because the rig has or your gun may fall out. 

Modular Options

Sticky Holsters-Ankle Biter Wrap System (Ankle Rig)

If you prefer to keep your gun near your ankle, there is an optional ankle rig. The design is a wrap-around brace that secures to the shin, thus giving the holster a firm surface to stick to.

I have used the ankle rig a few times and found it very comfortable. I use it more when I’m dressed a little more formally as it keeps my waist free. Although I was helping a friend clear out some brush from his property and stuck it on my ankle as I was bending and twisting so much.

Travel Mount

The travel mount can be used to create a surface for the holster to stick to. For example, the storage compartment in your truck or a drawer.

One of our team member’s island compartment in their truck is so full of junk that we don’t even know what he is storing there anymore. He started to use the travel mount so that he always has one dedicated spot to stick his holster. Now he always knows where his firearm is, and it’s easy to get to when he needs it. 

What Are Other Customers Saying

Based on our literary search, we’ve found a lot of positive reviews from others who have used this no clip holster. Positive reviews are easy to find and tend to focus on how comfortable the Sticky Holster is to wear and how easy it is to use.


Still not feeling this Sticky Holster? We got you covered. Here are some other options for you. 

1. Clinger Holster

Also billed as a non-slip holster, it has many of the same features as the Sticky Holster. It doesn’t require a belt, and it can be used in a pocket or IWB. The Clinger uses friction to hold the holster in place.

The differences are that the Clinger is open at the bottom and taller at the top of the holster. For this reason, it has a more extensive profile when worn under clothing. 

2. Remora Holster

The Remora is a no-belt holster that can fit IWB or pocket, much like the Sticky Holster. It is made of thicker fabric and is wider so it takes up a bit more room. It also doesn’t fit as many handguns as the Sticky Holster, but it is less expensive.

3. Texas 1836 Gecko IWB Holster

A very compact holster, the Texas 1836 Gecko, also does not require a belt. It uses friction to hold in place while wearing inside the waistband or pocket and does an excellent job of staying in place.

However, it is tiny, and a large portion of the gun will still stick out. It is also more expensive. The Sticky Holster holds more of the weapon to keep it more secure and more comfortable.

Why You Should Trust Us

First thing first, why should you trust us? We like to add this section to many of our reviews to be transparent. For this review, we conducted hours of literary search complying data from a large pool of people who have used this holster, ranging from experts to novice. From this data, along with some of our team testing the holster themself, we determine what critical parameters people need to look to decide if this is the right holster for them. 


In a nutshell, the Sticky Holster is for a person who wants to be secure and discrete when carrying their handgun. We believe the following are some of the best highlights of the holster. 

  • Joggers will have protection from harassment, You may also want to consider a fanny pack holster for jogging. Yes, we are being for real!
  • Comfortable to carry inside the waistband or pocket. If you are not sure about pocket carry check out or guide.
  • Modular accessories for additional storage or carry options

I find this holster to be very convenient for my morning jog. Being able to pick up my weapon, already in its holster and slide it behind inside my waistband is perfect for me. So what do you think? Is this the right holster for you? If not, what check out some our list of the most comfortable IWB holsters. Let us know one way or another below!

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  1. Just purchased one for my Beretta Nano which I carry for my morning walks which info on sweat pants. At first a little leary, this does exactly what it in intended to, perfect for and very comfortable. Thinking of getting another for my other EDC , Sig Sauer P365XL.

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