SIG Sauer P365 Review

SIG Sauer P365 Review – The Best Micro-Compact Pistol for Concealed Carry?

Are you looking for an effective concealed carry pistol but don’t want to compromise on performance or quality? Then Outdoor Methods Sig Sauer P365 Review may be worth reading.

This micro-compact pistol is designed for maximum concealability and dependable performance, making it the ideal choice for a concealed-carry weapon.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at why the SIG Sauer P365 stands out from the crowd when it comes to choosing a reliable self-defense firearm.

A Few Rough Years for Sig the Company

In the 2000s Sig came out with a gun with what would turn out to be a very unsuccessful design:

The Sig 290 double action pistol had an extremely heavy trigger pull (more so than other pistols from different companies) while having six rounds worth of capacity; which unsurprisingly made most people think twice before purchasing.

In response to the demand for a full-sized duty gun that is both sophisticated and simple, Sig introduced their 1911 clones with two different models the SIG P238 and the SIG P938.

The SIG P238 and the much-anticipated Sig P938 could not cross over into mainstream popularity.

The Start of Sig’s Striker Fired Legendary P365

Before it was launched, the initial rumor was that the new Sig Sauer firearm would be smaller than the Glock 42. Sig didn’t give any stats on how much ammo this gun could hold before releasing it.

Concealed carry pistols for self-defense are a tough market. For many years, SIG had been competing with Glock for shares in the USA’s concealed carry market but Sig was missing one thing:

A striker-fired small firearm to compete directly against the popular Glock 43. That changed in 2018 when a new pistol was launched -the P365!

Upon release, the gun ended up almost identical in size to Glock 43 while holding 10 rounds compared to Glock’s only six.

Most people were skeptical- they doubted the reliability and everything else about the Sig P365 since a gun of this size with so much capacity had never been done before on market at large!

Sig P365 Growing Pains

There were a decent amount of issues with the gun at first including firing pin breakages (which wasn’t shown until the guy was fired quite extensively).

The good news? Sig has fixed most of these issues thanks to some fine engineering work by Sig Sauer

The SIG P365 has become a popular concealed carry pistol that has quickly become the favorite among those who want both small and high capacity.

With 10+1 rounds in its magazine, this compact gun packs more punch than you would expect from something so diminutive!

The Upgraded Sig P365

The striker in the new Sig P365 is probably one of the most durable designs on the market today, so you can relax and not worry about it failing. The gun has been through many refinements since release with an updated firing pin as well which fixes any problems we had before-and that seem to be overlooked during testing for quite some time!

The chances that your brand spanking NEW factory fresh Sig p 365 will have reliability issues are extremely low due to them overbuilding certain components like striker now.

How Durable is the Sig P365

The Sig P365 is a reliable and durable pistol, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry. It has undergone extensive testing to ensure its durability, including a 700-carry-day test by and a 100,000-round torture test by Maxon Shooters. The P365 is made with a stainless steel frame and slide with a Nitron finish, which is a hardening process involving heat treatment and a chemical process that provides extra protection against wear and tear.

The P365 also has less recoil than expected for its size, making it easier to shoot accurately. This combination of durability and accuracy makes the Sig P365 an ideal choice for everyday carry (EDC).

Overall, the Sig P365 is an incredibly reliable and durable pistol that can be trusted in any situation. Its small size makes it easy to conceal while still providing the power of a full-size handgun. With its impressive durability tests and manageable recoil, the Sig P365 is sure to be your go-to EDC pistol.

P365 Specs

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: 3.1”
  • Overall Length: 5.8”
  • Width: 1.0”
  • Height: 4.3”
  • Weight: 17.8 oz
  • Frame: Black Polymer
  • Slide: Black Nitron Stainless Steel
  • Manual Safety: Yes


Features of the Sig Sauer P365

Sig P365 Magazines

You have two main options when it comes down to choosing how many magazine rounds you want: 10-round flush-fitting magazines or an extended 12-round capacity that features sleeves at the bottom so it is easier to grip!

P365 12 Round Magazine

The 12-round magazine is a favorite for people with medium to large size hands as it tends to be more comfortable than gripping the pistol with a smaller magazine inserted. This goes without saying but two extra rounds from the 12-round mag are great as well.

P365 15-Round Magazine

The newer 15-round extended magazine from SIG was introduced with an ergonomic sleeve on its bottom to add even more grip surface area for your hands. This newer designed mag is engineered so well that you may think you have one big fat grip instead of the extension attached to the bottom of the magazine.

The only downside to these magazines is how costly they can be to purchase.


On a micro compact concealed carry a firearm, it is not uncommon to see that the magwell itself has neither any rounding nor flaring to mention.

With this gun, every dimension matters and the total width needed for grip would be much larger than what’s available to accommodate an outward flare.

The SIG P365 may be a great gun for those who like the look and feel of a polymer micro compact gun. However, it’s not without its drawbacks – especially when trying to drop the magazine to reload in an emergency!

The main problem lies in how a lot of people hold the pistol and the gun’s size. The person’s hand blocks the magazine (including the 12-round magazine) from being ejected due mostly to the person’s hand sitting under the grip; releasing the magazine in turn requires a significant breakaway when changing the mag out.

The SIG 365 has a unique design feature that makes it difficult to insert new magazines without breaking your grip or pinching your hand. If you don’t practice properly, then this can cause some serious pinching of the hand between the base plate and frame which does not feel the greatest.

Sig P365 Review of Grip/Ergonomics


It’s a shame the SIG P365 does not have more modularity or back straps with its grip. The only size grips they offer are the SIG P365 grip module and the SIG P365 XL grip module which is flush with the 12-round mag.

The gun is ergonomically designed with a curving handle, allowing your hand to rest naturally and comfortably on it. The grip is on the small side but would help if it was longer so that more of our fingers are covered when shooting this thing!


For shooters with larger hands, the Sig P365 can be difficult to grip. This is because the gun is small and has a tight grip, which makes it hard to control for those with bigger hands. However, shooters with medium or small hands will find it easier to grip and control the gun.

People with larger hands may purchase the 12-round or 15-round mag to give their hands more surface area to grip.


The grip on the Sig Sauer P365 has a nice texturing to it that helps with grip. The texturing is so amazing that even people with large hands can grip it.

The texturing is not too aggressive, so it does not cause discomfort while shooting. Overall, I am very pleased with the grip on the P365.

Sig P365 Review Sights

The X-Ray 3 Day/Night sight is a key feature of the SIG Sauer P365. The front sight has a green tritium luminescent ring and the rear sights are square notch with no paint, making it easier to align your aim.

During the day this sight system function as blackout sights.

Although a brighter yellow Trijicon HD sight would be more accurate for shooting at long distances or in low-light conditions, the stock sights are still adequate.

Sig also offers RomeoZero Elit P365 models if you want a red dot.

The Sig P365 SAS pistol is changing the game. With an FT Bullseye sight, users no longer have to worry about their firearm’s front sight getting caught when being drawn. The fiber optics help with visibility during daylight hours while tritium illumination gives you superior targeting capabilities under low light (night sights) conditions.

Sig P365 Review of SAS Sights

To be honest, I don’t like that type of sighting system because it doesn’t give you any speed advantage over using iron sights.

Though it provides a cruder sight picture without catching it when drawn, many say the sight functions similarly to a red dot. However, we disagree; once zeroed in, a red dot will be more accurate.

Sig P365 Review: Controls


The SIG P365 is one of the most popular self-defense pistols, and it rightfully comes without any external safety mechanisms. But don’t worry – if you’re looking for an added layer of security, Sig offers an ergonomic ambidextrous thumb safety that’s perfect to provide extra peace of mind!

Because the SIG P365 doesn’t have a trigger safety, even though it drops safely, anxiety could set in when you accidentally drop the firearm.

Magazine Release

The magazine release on the SIG P365 is reversible, but not ambidextrous. On a small pistol like this, millimeters matter, so we can forgive SIG for this oversight. Left-handed sharpshooters can experience the same satisfaction as right-handed shooters if they convert their release to manual mode.

Slide Sig P365 Review

If you’re a lefty, this SIG P365 slide may not be for you. The stainless steel surface with the nitro finish is designed to be used easily by right-handed people… It is not ambidextrous. Just like its magazine release. Considering the tight space of this gun, every millimeter counts. By incorporating it into the design, Sig ensured that its profile stayed low and compact. So again we will let this slide (get it! ?)

The slide lock is located on the left side of the gun (top view), and spent casings will eject out to the right.

Left-handed shooters new to shooting make sure you get your stance and handling this gun down before trying to use it in a concealed carry situation.

The slide on the P365 can be challenging for people with smaller hands. This is interesting considering this is a micro subcompact pistol. However, the slide stop is not that far forward so left-handed people might be able to engage the slide lock using their trigger finger. 

Slide Ergonomics

Let us slide on to our next point.. the slide ergonomics.

The slide ergonomics of the SIG P365 are good. They are not perfect, but they are good. The slide is easy to grip and control, and it feels good in the hand. It is also easy to rack, and it moves smoothly and easily.

With just the right amount of forward and rear serrations, you’ll get a dependable grip on your gun. Plus, its thoughtful design prevents it from “grabbing” onto any unwanted materials.

SIG Slide Serrations

The SIG P365 has been designed to be the perfect balance between size and power. SIG designed the serrations well about depth and form for a gun of this size.

No kidding with the forward serrations you could use to fully cycle the slide. We do not recommend this, but you could do it. However, this would work perfectly for something like a press check.

With the gun’s serrations placed strategically, it eliminates any chance of your hand getting in front of the firearm when press jacking. This is an especially important consideration for short-barreled guns that have a limited muzzle area.

Sig P365 Review Trigger

The trigger on the SIG P365 is very crisp, and arguably one of the best stock triggers on the market today.

The Sig P365’s trigger is only 7 lbs. and therefore very lightweight. Making for a very easy pull to fire the weapon.

The major downside is that this is a concealed carry pistol and with such a lightweight trigger with no safety, you need to be careful so an accident does not occur.

Trigger Pull (Hands-on)

When you go to pull the trigger, there’s a slight delay before hitting what feels like an invisible barrier.

Once you hit that barrier, you start to feel a couple of layers of light resistance before you eventually feel the trigger break and the gunfire.

The trigger on the Sig P365 is really easy to shoot, and it makes this concealed weapon able to shoot at least with the good aim 75 yards!

Sig P365 Draw Review

The grip on the Sig Sauer P365 has a nice texture that works wonders for obtaining an optimal hold. Although I have larger hands, which can make it difficult to get maximum gripping power, the texturing is still able to provide me with ample support and stability.

At the same time, it’s not overly aggressive so I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort while shooting. In short, I am thoroughly impressed by this firearm’s superior handling capabilities thanks to its well-thought-out design!


The handle can be difficult to hold onto if you have larger hands while drawing your pistol size of the handle.

For people with large hands, the tips of your fingers almost touch the palm of your hand when gripping the SIG P365.

This makes drawing the gun somewhat uncomfortable and slower for some people. Unfortunately, When seconds could be the difference between life and death you want to make sure this is not a factor.

Draw Speed

We here at Outdoor Methods believe that drawing has more to do with the holster you are using, what position you are carrying in, and how much practice you have to perform drawing than the actual self-defense weapon.

Does the Gun Itself Play a Factor in Draw Speed?

With that said the firearm itself does have a variable to play in drawing speed.

Common sense would think that due to the SIG P365, it would be able to draw quicker or just as quickly as any other gun.

However, the smaller size can make a self-defense weapon draw slower.

Is Bigger Better for the P365?

Some might disagree but from our viewpoint and testing it is true to a degree.

A slightly larger gun will typically draw fast than a Sig P365 simply due to your ability to get a better grip.

For example, the Glock 43 will draw faster as a concealed carry weapon for most people.

Maintaining a Sig Sauer P365

Maintaining your Sig P365 is essential to ensure it functions properly and safely. To keep your pistol in top condition, you should clean and lubricate it regularly. Here are some tips on how to maintain your Sig P365:

  1. Get a cleaning kit that includes brushes, swabs, patches, and other supplies specifically designed for the P365.
  2. Unload the gun before beginning any maintenance.
  3. Disassemble the gun as much as the manufacturer recommends – no further disassembly is authorized.
  4. Use a gun cleaning solvent to remove dirt and debris from all parts of the gun, including the magazine spring which is compressed in the magazine tube.
  5. Blow dry all parts with compressed air or a cloth to remove any remaining residue from cleaning solvents or lubricants used during maintenance.
  6. Lubricate all moving parts with oil or grease recommended by the manufacturer, such as Lucas Oil for pivot points where parts slide against each other.
  7. Reassemble the gun according to instructions provided by the manufacturer in their operator’s manual or armorer certification course materials.
  8. Test fire your pistol at an appropriate range to ensure proper functioning after maintenance has been completed.
  9. Consider investing in a custom gun cleaning mat specifically designed for your Sig Sauer P365 to protect it while performing maintenance tasks such as cleaning and repairs.


The SIG P365 is a great-looking gun that stands out among other high-capacity micro 9s.

It has a proportional design, with perfectly balanced proportions and an attractive aesthetic appeal.

The slide cuts offer a nice look, while the rounded build gives it an even more appealing look.

Shooting the SIG P365

When I first fired the Sig P365, it was love at first shot. The recoil of this gun is much less than what you would expect for its size and weight plus the amazing trigger makes shooting this an absolute pleasure.

P365 Shooting Soft

It does shoot softer than most other guns out there on today’s market (Glock 43 included).

The P365 is a great option for concealed carry, but it’s not as accurate compared to larger guns like the SIG P320 X compact or a Glock 19. This is especially true for medium to large-size hands.

P365 is a Great Concealed Carry Weapon for Small Handed People

One of the reasons why the SIG P365 is so popular among smaller-statured folks with small hands has to do with how it handles. If you are one of these people and can’t quite get a good grip on a full-size pistol like the Sig P320 X Compact, CZ P-10C, or  FN 509. 

Shooting At Distance

As stated above the P365 is a superb micro-compact pistol with a great trigger. Add that the stock sights on the gun are good resulting in the ability of this pistol to shoot out to lengths of say 100 yards.

Do Not Use the P365 Gun at 100 Yards for Self Defense

Do not expect to use this at 100 yards for self-defense. It is after all a micro-compact pistol.

So What Distance is the P365 Accurate?

The SIG P365 is designed to be a compact and lightweight handgun, so its maximum range is understandably limited. It has been tested at distances of up to 25 yards with success, but beyond that, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve accuracy.

With its small size and lightweight frame, the P365 would not be suitable for targeting longer distances.

However, this does not mean that the gun is completely useless at longer ranges. Many shooters have found that with the help of a quality optic, they can still get decent results when shooting out to 50 yards or further.

But it should be noted that any shots taken beyond 25 yards will require much more practice and precision to maintain accuracy.

What Others Think about the Sig P365

Looking from one P365 gun review to another shows this is a powerful micro defensive 9mm pistol that has become one of the most popular concealed carry weapons due to its large capacity, reliability, tiny size, great trigger, and upgrade potential. Reviews from past users of the P365 have been overwhelmingly positive.

Many users have praised the gun’s accuracy. The gun’s size-to-capacity ratio is also highly rated, as it offers good manageability while still providing a high capacity. Additionally, users have noted that the gun has less recoil than expected for its size.

The trigger and sights on the P365 gun are also highly rated by many users. Many found that they were quite good right out of the box and some even compared them favorably to full-size guns.

Overall, other Sig P365 gun reviews from past users have been overwhelmingly positive and many consider it an excellent all-around concealed carry pistol.

The P365 XL Gun

The Sig P365 is just under a half-inch shorter in length than the P365 XL, measuring 5.8 inches long compared to 6.6 inches for the XL. The barrel of the P365 is also shorter at 3.1 inches compared to 3.7 inches for the XL. Additionally, the P365 weighs 17.8 ounces while the XL weighs 20.7 ounces, making it slightly heavier as well.

The trigger on the original P365 is curved while the X Series weapon of the P365XL has a flat trigger for a more modern look and feel. In terms of performance, both guns offer similar features and accuracy when shooting them side by side, however, some users may find that they prefer one over the other due to their size and weight differences or trigger design preference.

Overall, both guns are great options for concealed carry and offer reliable performance with their small size and lightweight design making them easy to carry around without sacrificing power or accuracy.

When was the Sig P365 XL Released?

The Sig P365 XL gun was released in 2018 and has since become a popular gun for everyday carry just like its older sibling. This micro-compact, highly concealable pistol packs 12+1 or available 15+1 capacity and maintains the shooting ability of a full-size pistol. It is built with a carbon-steel barrel and features striker-fired semiautomatic action.

The pistol also boasts a rear sight plate assembly for direct mounting of the Sig Sauer RomeoZero or RMSc reflex optics (not included). With its small size and high capacity, the Sig P365 XL is an ideal choice for concealed carry.

Let Me Upgrade Ya

One of the most popular upgrades is adding a pinky extension to the magazine. This pinky extension allows for a better grip on the gun and makes it easier to hold onto when shooting. Additionally, you can also add other accessories such as a threaded barrel, micro carry compensator, or laser-sculpted grip modules.

A threaded barrel is great for attaching suppressors or other muzzle devices. It also helps reduce recoil and improve accuracy. The micro carry compensator helps reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil while shooting, making it easier to stay on target. And lastly, the laser-sculpted grip modules provide an improved ergonomic feel that many shooters find more comfortable than the stock grip.

These are just a few of the many upgrades available for the SIG P365 that can help you get even more out of your gun. With these upgrades, you’ll be able to customize your gun to fit your needs and preferences perfectly.

Wrapping Up

The P365 is a popular concealed carry gun that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from past users. It offers good manageability, accuracy, and reliability with its small size and lightweight frame.

The gun’s maximum range is limited, but with the help of a quality optic, it can still be used at further distances. There is also the P365 XL version of the gun which has a longer barrel and higher capacity while maintaining the same shooting ability.

Both the original P365 and P365 XL are excellent choices for concealed carry and offer reliable performance in a small package.

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