How to Make Kydex Holsters at Home

How to Make Kydex Holsters at Home

Are you shopping for a holster but you haven’t found one that meets your need? Consider making your own. 

This way it’ll be shaped exactly to your gun’s body and your high expectations. Does it sound too difficult? It’s not.  However, with many people’s busy schedule purchasing on of the best Kydex holsters for 2019 is a better option.  

Here are easy to follow instructions on how you can make a Kydex holster at home.

Why Make a Kydex Holster? 

Many gun holders prefer Kydex because it offers them these advantages:

  • It’s waterproof
  • It doesn’t stretch
  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s easier to maintain
  • It doesn’t deteriorate
  • It’s scratch and sweat resistant


Tools Required

Obtain the following tools and get them ready before you make the holster:

  • Chicago screws
  • Kydex sheet (0.06″ to 0.08″ thickness) 
  • Block of wood optional 
  • Scrap wood (optional)
  • Scroll saw
  • Sharp scissors, or box cutter
  • Drill
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Gloves
  • Hair dryer or heat gun
  • Pen or pencil
  • Foam

How to Make Kydex Holsters at Home

Step One: Create the Template (optional)

Cut a block of wood to the width of your pistol.  Next, place your pistol on the block of wood and trace the pistol outline with a pen or pencil. The outline needs to be 1/4’’ greater than the outline of the actually pistol.

Cut out the outline using a scroll saw. Stay close to the traced line, but you don’t have to have an exact cut.

Note:  If you plan to use your actual gun instead of the wood cutout skip to step two.  

Step Two: Cut the Kydex

Cut out a two pieces of Kydex that is 30-40% bigger than your pistol or wood cutout template. You can cut it with sharp scissors, box cutter, or a scroll saw. If you use the latter, you need to slow the rate in which you cut. If you don’t, the cut pieces can melt together again.

Step Three: Form the Kydex 

​With the pistol or wood cutout facing away from you place the pistol with the handle facing the right if the holster will be on the side of your body or the handle facing the left if you will place the handle on the left side of your body on the piece of Kydex and outline the pistol. Leave about a 2″ gap on the slide side of the gun, a 1″ in front of the muzzle, and no gap of the handle side.

Once done, go ahead and cut the handle part outlined on the Kydex holster. You can cut it with sharp scissors, box cutter, or the scroll saw. If you use the scroll saw, you need to slow the rate in which you cut. If you don’t, the pieces can melt together while cutting wasting your Kydex sheet.

How to Make Kydex Holsters at Home

This Kydex slab will be the one against your body. Next, lay the pistol or cutout on the next piece of Kydex facing the opposite form the first time. Outline as before but stop once you reach the handle. This will be the outside piece and will not need the handle guard like the other the inside piece. Preheat the oven to 300°C and place the Kydex pieces inside.While the Kydex is warming up, take a piece of foam and put it on top of some plywood on the ground. Then using a hair dryer or heating gun heat the woodcut out or pistol. Using gloves, continually check the Kydex. Once you can pick them up and they are very flexible and floppy place one piece of the Kydex with the outline facing up on top of a piece of foam. Next, place the pistol or woodcut out then the other piece of foam and another piece of plywood. Use clamps on both sides to create pressure. Let set between 10-15 mins. Repeat steps for the other piece of Kydex.

Pro tip: You know how to make a Kydex holster now learn how to stretch a leather holster

Step Four: Cut Out the Kydex Mold 

Once the Kydex is cooled you need to outline the holster on both pieces of the Kydex. Take a bright-colored crayon and outline where you need to cut.

Take the scroll saw, sharp scissors, or box cutter and cut along the outline. 

Step Five: Secure It All

Place both pieces of the Kydex holster together and place your pistol or wood cutout in between them both.  Drill two holes on both sides of where the Kydex meets, and attach the two side together using Chicago screws.  If both Kydex molds do not perfectly align that is okay.  You now will cut off any excess and smoot out the edges of the holster using sandpaper.

Pro tip:  take a hair dryer or heat gun and slightly bend the edges of the holster.  This will allow for a better fit on your body.  

Step Six: Add a Belt Attachment

If you want, you can add a belt attachment to the holster. You can buy one from any hardware store and mount it easily with screws.

Your holster is now ready for use.

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