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What is The Best Holster Shirt?

If you are in a hurry our data points to 5.11’s Holster Shirt as the best overall choice.

 Does your occupation involve a gun? Perhaps you have one for personal safety. How do you carry it? Do you have the proper gear? Without an appropriate way to conceal carry your weapon, people will be able to see your pistol. One way to avoid an incident like this is to use a holster shirt. 

 What Are Concealed Holster Shirts?

Are you new to the gun world or just considering safer options to carry your firearm? Well, no need to worry; we have all been there. As far as guns go, there is always more for you to learn. 

For instance, when it comes to personal safety and comfort, many people forget to consider a concealed carry holster shirt, which is a mistake. 

Companies design holster shirts in a way to enable you to conceal carry your firearm safely. They achieve this goal by building in features like built-in holster pockets that allow you to carry up to two guns at a time, and the ability to retrieve your firearm from the holster when needed. 

 Benefits of Concealed Holster Shirts Over Other Concealed Carry Methods

 As a gun owner, there are certain types of gear that you must have in your collection, and we consider a holster shirt as such a piece of equipment. Why is this? We thought you would never ask! With social distancing and being quarantined going, our lab still has been able to work remotely to find what are the must-have features for a holster shirt.  

Our research included using literary reviews, speaking to people in online forums, and face timing grandma. Side note she told me I might get my Glock 19x after all this over with the coronavirus. Here are the benefits of a holster shirt. 


For open carry states, weapon concealment is not a priority. However, in other countries, you are expected to conceal your firearm. Holster shirts with their built-in holster pockets allow you to carry your gun without it being noticed.

 Easy access

A good concealed carry holster shirt keeps your firearm safe and allows easy access whenever the need arises. While having your firearm in your car or in a bag is great for concealment, sometimes, you need to have your gun close to your body just in case a situation emerges. A shirt holster gives you this convenience, and it is relatively easy to draw from 

 Gun safety

 A gun-hiding shirt is an excellent way to prevent a firearm from getting into the wrong hands. By keeping the gun on you, you eliminate the possible risk of losing it. 


Believe it or not, comfort is a necessity when carrying a gun; if you disagree, odds are you do not carry a firearm a lot. Although there are other options to carry a weapon depending on their size, they might not be comfortable. Holster shirts are some of the most comfortable holsters on the market.

Best Holster Shirts on the Market

 How to Choose the Best Holster

Based on our research these are the critical key points to look at when determining which holster shirt to buy,


 The holster should fit snugly to the body. The manufacturer designs it to fit tightly and keep the gun secure in the pockets. Basically, they are compression shirts. Keep this in mind when selecting your size.


 Shirts are made from a wide variety of materials ranging from polyester and spandex. Since you should wear them underneath other clothing, they might be stuffy in hot weather. Look for the ones designed with a moisture wicking fabric to minimize sweating in warm weather settings.


Safety is always the most essential trait of any holster. Make sure the holster retains your pistol securely and minimizes the risk of accidental discharge.

 What’s the Best Way to Use a Concealed Holster?

 When using any firearm-concealing holster shirt, ensure it is a tight fit for the best outcome. The best holster should suit your needs. Using it does not need any special procedures. All you need to do is wear it as any other shirt and ensure the holsters are in the right position before securing the weapon.

 Since you wear the holster attire under other clothes, you may need clothes that are a size larger than your regular clothes. This can help with concealment issues. The clothing might include; a jacket, a polo, a sweatshirt, or even a coat.

 Precautions for use

 • Do not use oversized or poorly designed holster shirts. 

 • Ensure your this holster has a trigger guard

 • Do not use a damaged holster shirt

 Who Should Wear It and Why?

 A concealed holster shirt is an excellent option for anybody that will need a firearm with them at all times. It is also suitable for people who will be driving while they carry. 

 Top 5 Holster Shirts

 1. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Holster Shirt

 The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Holster Shirt, Style 40011, is a prestigious fashionable shirt from a trusted brand. With its 80% polyester and 20% spandex material, the shirt is breathable. This feature makes it perfect for daily use. 

 Besides breathability, it provides you maximum comfort. You will also appreciate its spacious pockets that are ideal for items such as cellphones, knives, and wallets. It has been designed to keep your magazine, weapon, and other things secure during rigorous activities. 

The holster is designed with a moisture wicking fabric and strengthened seams. This design makes it reliable, and you can go about your work without worry about rips, tears, or sweating.

5.11 Tactical engineered the shirt with two built-in holsters and suspension straps. The shoulder straps secure the weapon safely and provide easy access in times of need. It also comes with a mesh shoulder yoke that distributes the weight of the firearm evenly on your shoulders. We really appreciated this feature when wearing the shirt for long periods. This design ensures maximum mobility in uncomfortable situations.

Too, with its versatility and durability, 5.11 Men’s shirt offers excellent value for other activities. It also gives the user a lasting concealment solution and comfort during daily activities. 

Note: If wearing a hot climate, you might want to check out the sleeveless variation or v-neck variation.


 • It has two practical shoulder holsters

 • Polyester and Spandex fabric makes the shirt durable.

 • It has moisture-wicking material.

 • The durable fabric and strengthened seams prevent wear and tear.

 • Has mesh shoulder yoke that distributes the weight of your gun.

 • The two holsters can act as two spacious pockets.


 • It comes only in black color and white color

 • It may feel stuffy during hot weather.  

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 2. AC UNDERCOVER’s Concealed Carry Tank Top Holster Shirt

 We consider the AC UNDERCOVER Tank Top CCW one of the top holster shirts for women in the market. The design offers weapon concealment and maximum comfort. When you wear it with a loose cloth, you hardly see any printing.

 The shirt hugs your body tightly, thereby providing excellent retention without feeling constricted. The tight fit prevents your weapon from slipping out of the holster. The construction material is also suitable for all weather conditions when worn under other garments.

 Thanks to having a holster on both sides, you can use the shirt, whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Besides, you will appreciate the immediate access it offers if you are wearing a t-shirt, a sweater, or a button-down shirt.

 This tank top also features concealment pockets on both sides. The pockets provide secure storage and quick access to other tools you might need other personal items.

 It comes with a heavy-duty elastic holster strategically placed to hold and secure your firearm close to your body. The lady to tested this tank top for use said she was going to wear this holster during her competition shoots because she liked it some much.

Just some words of advice always machine-wash with cold water and air-dry it to extend its lifespan.  


 • It fits tightly without compromising comfort.

 • Both right and left-handed shooters can use the shirt.

 • One can use it as an undergarment in all weather conditions.

 • The concealment holster allows a quick draw.

 • The shirt comes in various sizes

 • It is affordable.


 • It is only available in white.

 • You cannot use fabric softener when washing it.

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 3. Graystone’s Holster Shirt Concealed Carry Clothing 

 Graystone Holster for Men Crew Neck stands out because of how easy it is to access the gun and excellent concealment. This beast features six pockets for maximum storage of your gear and makes the shirt very versatile. 

The tight fit snug ensures that the weapon does not fall and is secure on your body. Furthermore, it enhances the concealment of the gun. This Graystone shirt provides comfort and flexibility when you are wearing it as well.  

Its elastic holster keeps your firearm firmly at a right angle and offers easy access whenever the need arises. Although the shirt fits tightly, it does not constrict the movement of the user. 

The holster also protects your trigger hence minimizing the risk of an accidental shooting. This collection of great features in one shirt made me purchase one a few weeks ago after testing it out. It is hard not to appreciate that the holster fits most handguns with minimum effort. 

The polyester and spandex material is not only durable but also machine washable. Its flexibility and resistance to shrinking prevent wearing and tearing.

The shirt comes in a few different sizes and shockly goes well with other clothing. It should be noted that due to the shirt’s length, it is clear it was designed to be tucked in and secure.


 • It is 85% polyester and 15% spandex.

 • Available in V-neck (link)

 • Well-positioned holster.

 • Perfect length to ensure it remains tucked in and secure.

 • It is machine washable.

 • Great customer service.


 • The holster is small for some firearms.

 • The holster can print fairly easily

 • There is a risk that your weapon might fall.

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 4. UnderTech’s UnderCover Women’s Concealment Scoop Neck Shirt

UnderTech’s UnderCover Women’s Concealment Scoop Neck Shirt is a trendy piece for women. It has a suitable feminine design with its scoop-neck and capped sleeves. The DEA, FBI, TSA, Secret service, among other agencies, uses these shirts. A friend of ours, who is an FBI officer, recommended UnderTech’s UnderCover Shirt to some of her fellow coworkers, and they cannot stop raving about it. 

Whether you are wearing t-shirts, sweatshirts, or even button-down shirts, it provides quick access. With its tight snug, it offers maximum retention and comfort. It also features two concealment holsters on each side of the shirt. These pockets provide enough space to hold most self-defense caliber handguns and other necessary gear. 

We had to appreciate the shirt’s ambidextrous feature while reviewing. Both right-handed and left-handed shooters can use it. As far as support, not only does its MicroPoly/Lycra fabric make it comfortable, but it also makes it machine washable and durable. 

One of the most impressive features of this holster shirt, though is its advantage with availability for various sizes for most body types. It conforms to most body types without limiting movement.


 • The MicroPoly/Lycra blend makes it durable and comfortable.

 • It is machine washable.

 • The shirt comes in different sizes.

 • It is ambidextrous.

 • Has two identical holsters

 • It fits tightly.


 • May cause allergic reactions due to latex material.

 • More suitable in winter than during summer.

 • It may sag due to the weight of the weapon.

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 5. UnderTech’s Undercover Concealment Men’s V-Neck Shirt

 With everything going on due to the coronavirus and all the shortages it is creating a product made in the US is very refreshing. UnderTech’s Undercover Concealment Men’s V-Neck Shirt is 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The tight snug improves firearm retention while giving maximum comfort. 

With its two identical holsters, you can carry up to two handguns at the same time. You can also use the spare holster as a pocket to store some items such as your wallet, knife, or magazine if only carrying one gun. 

Although the shirt fits tight and conforms to any body type, it also is very flexible and provides maximum movement and comfort. The shirt further offers proper concealment of the weapon without compromising your comfort. 

The material can cool your body during hot weather or when you are exercising. This top holster is also ambidextrous and allows easy access while wearing other types of clothing.


 • Many police departments and agencies use this shirt.

 • It is machine washable.

 • Ambidextrous design.

 • 88% polyester, 12% spandex

 • Has button closure for retention strap on the holster


 • Poor holster angle

 • Difficulty in retrieving a gun.

 • It is pricey compared to its poor design.

***Check Price on Amazon***

Final Thoughts

Just like with everything you buy, don’t go for just any holster shirt on the market. You need to make sure you do your research to find which is best for you. Research that we have already done for you. With that said, our data points to 5.11 Tactical Men’s Holster Shirts as the best overall selection. It is light, firm, breathable, and comfortable.

 It is very versatile and can be used in all kinds of weather. It also fits tight without compromising flexibility and comfort. We also liked how if distributed the weight of the firearm equally over your shoulder. So which one will you choose? Let us know below! Until next time stay safe!

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