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What is the Best IWB Holster for Sig P365?

The Sig P365 remains an excellent choice if you need a small, easy to carry, firearm. We can assure you that you will not regret purchasing this masterpiece. The real challenge is not pulling the trigger in purchasing this pistol (pun intended); it is finding the right holster for it. Unfortunately, this baby does not come with a holster when you purchase it so you will have to find one on your own.  The market is flooded with different options. However, since most people buy this firearm for concealed carrying, we recommend you look at a pocket holster or inside the waistband holster. We will be covering the latter in this guide. 

We here at Outdoor Methods’ lab have been hard at work researching, testing, and annoying our buddies at the gun range to bring you the most crucial information. Each holster is unique in its own right. We have some suggestions on what we think are the best choices for your weapon as we hope to make your concealed carrying experience safe and comfortable.

How to choose the Best IWB Holster for Sig P365

There are several factors you need to consider before settling, which holster is just right for you. The main factors to look at are durability, comfort, adjustability, ease of use, concealment, and retention.

Want us to go into more details about these factors? We thought you would never ask! 


A good holster should be durable enough to serve you for an extended period. Most gun IWB holsters are made using leather or Kydex. Both are durable, but Kydex comes out on top. 


You should ensure your pistol, holster combination (rig) provides a comfortable fit. Some holsters might scratch your skin.

You need to consider the materials used in the design of the holster. For instance, a leather made holster is quite soft and flexible, you might find it very comfortable wearing it as an IWB option. As for Kydex, we know it is very durable but has a hard plastic feel and will not be nearly as comfortable as a leather holster. 

Adjustable Height

Most IWB holsters have an adjustable ride height mechanism. For example, some have screws on the lower side of the holster. Common issues related to the ride height of a holster (that can be fixed if a holster is adjustable):

  • Printing: If holster and gun are printing then most of the time the holster is riding too high
  • Comfort: A ride height that is too low or high can make it to where the holster and pistol are digging into you.
  • Grip: If you have trouble grabbing hold of the gun’s grip when drawing, then odds are the holster is riding too low.

I recently tried this with my phoenix ultimate IWB holster, and let me just warn you, be very careful when tightening your screws. A little movement makes a lot of difference.


One of the primary aims of your holster is to hold your weapon in place so that the firearm will be in the position you want it at when drawing your gun. Yet, this can be difficult to achieve if you are suddenly forced to radical movements.

For instance, most altercations usually occur at close range and most likely involve hand to hand combat. Your holster choice should be able to protect your firearm and keep it within the holster until you pull it out if using for your self-defense weapon. 

A poorly designed holster might release the weapon when exposed to strenuous activity or at the wrong time. You run the risk of dropping your firearm in an unlikely place, exposing yourself to danger or even losing your weapon. 

On the flip side, a poorly designed holster can have too much retention making it very difficult to draw your firearm. You do not want to be struggling to get your gun out in a life and death situation where seconds matter.

Adjustable Retention

Some holster choices are engineered with adjustable retention, where you can adjust the retention holding your gun in place to your liking. Before changing, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Think about the environment you will be carrying in
  2. Determine how forcefully you draw your weapon by putting the holster on at home with clothes you would likely be wearing while concealed carrying. Then place your unloaded gun in the holster and practice drawing. NOTE: Consider your firearm is loaded and ready to fire. Never point your firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot. 
  3. After practicing at home and adjusting the retention where you want it. Take the rig to the range and practice, practice, and if we haven’t already told you practice.

Your holster choice should consider the type of job, hobby, and other activities that may cause you to lose possession of your weapon.

Adjustable Cant

Sometimes you need to adjust your holster, especially if you carry your gun in multiple positions. Having a holster with an adjustable cant can help you out. The cant is simply the angle of your holster. Some holsters are adjustable to angles of about 22 degrees in a forward, neutral, backward direction.

A neutral/ straight cant is a more natural position where the holster lines up vertically, allowing for a quick draw in a basic up and out sort of movement. A forward cant allows for more effective concealment and quick drawing. The unfavorable (backward cant) for most positions except when it is applied to the appendix carry position. However, it might reduce your drawing speed and concealment. 

The only way to decide which method is best for you is to practice.


Holsters are very good at concealing weapons. This helps you gain an advantage over your rival by having that edge of surprise. Nothing makes a burglar run like seeing you draw your gun out from your waist in absolute finesse.

You can also consider looking into the holsters fitting mechanism, some have claw extensions that helps keep the grip of the pistol close to your body while in the holster. This helps eliminate any printing that might occur while you are carrying. 

Ease of Use

If you are a new gun owner, you might find it rather tricky to decide on your ideal holster. I would suggest choosing one that is easiest to handle, preferably one with high retention and safety.

What are the advantages/benefits of IWB Holster?

Better concealment for your weapon- Having an IWB holster helps you to hide your gun much better than most carry options.


IWB holsters have an excellent safety record. This is because most rigs are engineered with retention ability, and many come with a robust trigger guard.


It is remarkably easy to draw your weapon while using an IWB holster as opposed to an OWB.

Consider the Different IWB Holster Carry Positions

There is more than one position when carrying your holster. This depends on such factors as your body frame and dominant hand. 

For example, left-handed people might prefer the appendix carry position, where the holster covers their appendix area. Others prefer having a 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, and 5 o’clock carry when using their holsters. The best carry position for your IWB holster will depend mostly on where you feel most comfortable. The way to determine this is through… guessed it. Practice!

Some other common carry positions include:

Ankle carry– You strap your weapon at the ankle. This technique is instrumental when you want to ensure maximum concealment, but drawing may be slower than usual.

Appendix carry – This position is advantageous when you are in a situation that requires you to draw your weapon quickly. Besides, this carrying position allows you to draw your gun using either hand. 

Many say the major drawback to this position is it exposes your groin region and thigh arteries to damage when the trigger is pulled. We have covered this in detail in our appendix article. However, the short and sweet way to minimize this risk is by avoiding a light trigger pull firearm when carrying in the appendix position. You also need to practice your trigger discipline.

Shoulder carry position – This position involves concealing your weapon under your shoulder. You may have probably seen it in the movies, this carrying position allows you to draw your weapon much more quickly. Still, the downside is that you can only use one hand and run the risk of muzzling a lot of people.

Pocket carry – This is an ideal means of carrying the smallest of weapons. It’s rather easy. All you have to do is to fit your weapon holster in your pocket. The downside is that you can only draw the firearm using your dominant hand.

Precautions When Using An IWB Holster

You should be keen to ensure safety all the time when using guns. Check your holster to make sure it fits correctly with your body frame size. For some people carrying positions matter, some prefer to appendix carry, front carry, etc. IWB Gun holsters may not be the most comfortable to carry around, make sure that your holster can handle the stress of your daily activities.

The Best IWB Holsters For Sig P365

CrossBreed IWB Minituck Holster

The crossbreed IWB Mini Tuck Holster is a hybrid Kydex weapon holster for smaller firearms, including handguns. Hybrid holsters use something like Kydex material that is very tough for its shell. The holster will then have something like leather for it’s backing because it is more comfortable than Kydex on the skin.  Many consider this the most comfortable Sig P365 holster. 

At first glance, the product is aesthetically beautiful, with well-lined edges and a smooth finish. The cross symbol on the side also makes for a colorful addition. The crossbreed mini tuck holster is an excellent addition to your collection. The product is highly versatile, making it suitable for both right and left-handed users with only a little adjustment. Additional features include cant and height adjustments for a more personalized experience.


  • Excellent durability
  • A highly versatile product
  • Suitable for right and left-handed people
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Highly adjustable


  • Too rigid to carry comfortably when participating in active sports, hobbies such as driving, cycling, Etc.

***Check Cabela’s for Price***

Sig Sauer P365 IWB Handgun Holster

Black Point Tactical has one of the most reliable gun holsters in the market today. The Sig Sauer P365 IWB handgun holster features a small, compact shape ideal for concealing your weapon inside the waistband. The product is very ideal for right-handed gun lovers owing to its make and configuration. Currently, you can get the product in black colors only. The Sig Sauer has a minimalist design, claw extension, and plenty of adjustable features, making it one of the best concealment holsters for your P365 handgun.


  • Plenty of adjustable features including height, cant
  • Remarkably easy to use
  • High retention
  • Strong Kydex material
  • Ideal for concealment


  • Uncomfortable when carried for extended periods

***Check Cabela’s for Price***

CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

Based in Texas, this company offers some of the best holsters for small firearms such as the Beretta, P365 compact handgun. CYA Supply is a veteran-owned company, so they seem to have pretty good ideas on what an ideal holster should feel like. Instead of using the common Kydex material, the designers opt for a more durable Boltaron thermoplastic. This makes it more resistant to impact, heat, and other elements that affect the performance and service life of the holster.


  • Adjustable cant of up to 15 degrees. To adjust your holster, simply use the hex Allen key to tighten the screws.
  • The holster has an audible click when adequately fastened, this can help to reduce cases of poor retention, loss of a firearm, etc.
  • The product is very durable, with a long service life.
  • Can Handle Aftermarket Sights
  • Trigger Guard (This will ensure the trigger is not pulled while holstered)


  • Cheap Clip 
  • Ride Height Not Adjustable
  • Rides High While Wearing 

***Check Amazon for Price***

We The People IWB Holster

We The People have an excellent product for gun owners. The firm’s IWB holster is well suited for small firearms, including the P 365. Apart from its small size and compact features, the product is highly adjustable and ideal for concealing your weapon inside the waist.

We The people IWB holster has a durable Kydex waterproof frame that can serve you for a lifetime without rotting or losing rigidity. The holster concealed entirely inside the waistband and followed up by an untucked shirt. The product has a high rigidness, making it easy to re-holster when the need arises.


  • Kydex design is highly compact, durable, and rigid. This makes it easy to conceal your weapon in a public space.
  • Adjustable features help you find the best possible angle, fit for your holster, and boost your drawing speed and comfort.
  • Waterproof features mean that you can step out of the house fully loaded without worrying about getting your holster wet.


  • Kydex constructions can be too rigid for some and may make you feel uncomfortable when cycling, driving, jogging.

***Check Amazon for Price***

DeSantis Sof-Tuck Holster

The Desantis Sof- Tuck holster is an excellent choice for handguns and small firearms. This soft suede product is reinforced by a premium leather material for more durability and easy reholstering. The product is very much suited for right-hand drawing and has adjustable features, including an adjustable cant. The aesthetic finish is aesthetically pleasing.


  • Beautiful aesthetic leather finish
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Comfortable to wear IWB
  • Better concealment due to clip connecting behind and at the bottom of the belt.
  • Robust trigger guard cover


  • Leather may be prone to rot when exposed to wet, humid conditions frequently. This holster is not the right choice for you are always stepping out in wet conditions.
  • Re-holstering may be challenging, especially for new gun owners.
  • No adjustable ride height
  • Not designed to accommodate many aftermarket sights or lasers

***Check Cabela’s for Price***


Having a concealed weapon has its advantages, but finding the right holster for your gun is much harder. In my experience, the choice of the best IWB holster for P365 handguns and other small compact devices will depend on your taste and preferences. Most of the holsters have an affordable price range, some more than others.

Based on our findings, our verdict on the best holster for Sig P365 is the Crossbreed Mini Tuck holster. I know some of you may disagree, but think about it, this holster is highly versatile, durable, and functional. You can use it despite your hand orientation, wet weather, and the material is very rigid, making it super easy to draw and re-holster your weapon. It has some drawbacks, including comfort, but hey, you can’t have it all, can you?

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