What are the Best Glock 19 IWB Holsters

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best inside the waistband (IWB) holster is for a Glock 19 is, our evidence supports the ShapeShift 4.0 as the best Glock 19 IWB holster.

The World’s Finest General-Purpose Pistol

When you’re looking for top-of-the-line gear, look no further than what the best of the best choose for themselves. We’re not sure which sore throat medicine Pavarotti trusts, but if we knew, we’d use it too. When it comes to combat handguns there’s a clear consensus among the world’s finest, the US Special Operations Forces community the Glock 19 reigns. Offering significant capacity, easy handling, and supreme reliability Glock’s model 19 ranks among the finest self-defense weapons ever built by man. Even the FBI recently switched back to the 9 mm and granted Glock a huge contract which we suspect will result in many agents using the Glock 19.

Due to its relative compactness, it has become a favorite among daily carriers across the United States, which in turn means that the market for holsters and accessories has never been more robust. For example, a wide range of pants designed for conceal carry.  Stick with us as we review the best Glock 19 IWB holsters on the market right now. You’re not short of options, so let’s get down to it.

Our Top IWB Holsters for Glock 19

To start out, let’s take a look at the most important characteristics for a daily-driver concealed carry holster:

What to Look For in a IWB Holster for Glock 19 


Along with our second category, this is the big one. Anyone who’s taken a look at our article on the best IWB holsters for 1911 pistols has heard this before – it’s not concealed, it’s not concealed carry. Given that many states impose a legal penalty for the accidental display of a holstered handgun, this feature rates somewhat more than optional. Generally speaking, IWB holsters offer increased concealability due to their positioning, but variations exist within this category based on the height, thickness, and ride of the holster shell.


Now we’re talking. Let’s face it; if you’re not comfortable carrying a particular pistol, you’re much less likely to do so. The 19 is somewhat larger across all dimensions than Glock’s subcompact and single-stack offerings, so maintaining a comfortable fit without obstructing easy access is crucial for everyday use. The holsters reviewed below take a few different approaches to increasing comfort, some more effective than others.


Some people like a high ride, some like an adjustable shell, but everyone prefers a rugged holster that’ll hold up to daily wear. Whether you’re a fan of Kydex or good old fashioned leather, we’ll cover the basics and more. In our experience, the quality of the holster’s fittings such as belt clips and adjustment screws has a significant bearing on the longevity of the holster system, so we’ll pay particular attention to those stress points before they become your stress points. Modern holsters should offer robust construction without sacrificing weight and comfort; we’ll take a look at how these stack up.


These holsters are built for concealment, but first and foremost, they’ve got to securely retain your pistol regardless of what life throws your way. Due to their design requirements, few IWB holsters feature positive retention, but manufacturers have found a few ingenious ways to increase their product’s grip on your handgun without sacrificing concealability or ease of access. Generally this comes down to the materials used in the shell; we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the standouts here.


Most of the time in life you’re getting what you pay for. Holster-wise, there are a few exceptions in both directions. It’s important to avoid overpaying where possible, after all, money you save on a holster can be spent on practice ammo and range time. This section focuses on the value you can find in the various setups available, from the simplest belt clip to the most complete and versatile rigs around. In every case, the saturation of the market is working in your favor – there’s never been a better time to pick up IWB holsters from a value perspective.

Other Considerations

Naturally you’ll want to avoid pitfalls that may result from your unique situation, local laws, or other factors. We’ll do our best to identify which holsters might print, bind, or otherwise complicate your life, and what kinds of cover garment are going to be most useful when you’re deploying them. If you pack a light or a laser, we’ll cover those requirements too. Ultimately we want to help you find the best Glock 19 IWB holsters at the lowest price. With that, let’s bring out the contenders.

The Reviews

CYA Supply Co IWB

Starting off we have a simple, reliable Kydex option, perfect for daily carry.

  • Affordable durability which will keep your handgun concealed under a wide variety of cover garments.
  • Limited retention options, but the full shell keeps a solid hold on the gun regardless.
  • American-made quality from a veteran-owned company reputed for excellent customer service.
  • No frills here, just a solid, affordable, durable option for IWB concealed carry. 

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We the People Inside Waistband Holster

 Another Kydex shell, this time with custom graphic options available.

  • Another solid Kydex option from another all-American company, guaranteed to keep that piece in place.
  • Thin Kydex guarantees a light ride; comfort is a matter of your feelings on Kydex shells. If you’ve had issues with paddle-less holsters, this one may not improve on them.
  • If you want custom graphics, We the People is ready to hook you up. Not sure who’s seeing it besides you, though!
  • The rigid shell and solid clip mean easy access for draws and reholsters, complete with adjustable tension and carry angle.
  • Solid fit and finish, a holster that’ll last you for life. 

**Check Price on Amazon**

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band

No waistband? No problem, with this belly-band:

  • All in one holster solution which will fit a variety of handguns and carry extra accessories to boot.
  • Belly-bands are typically designed for light guns; a Glock model 19 may be too big for all but the largest wearers.
  • Affords immense flexibility, in that you can wear with or without a belt, without a waistband…heck, without pants! Or more like with gym pants, yoga pants, or a skirt.
  • Great retention especially for a neoprene and an elastic holster . If you’re moving with any significant amount of speed, violence or momentum, make sure you have the retention strap and metal snap in place.
  • Ultimately, the “breathable” neoprene does typically get pretty hot quickly for a lot of people, and can lead to sweating. If you’re as sweaty as we are, that might be an issue.
  • If you do some exercising in exercise clothing and want to bring a less-than-light handgun along for the ride, look no further.

**Check Price on Amazon**

Bravo Concealment IWB

Concealment, Kydex durability, and weapon light customizability – what’s not to like?

  • A simple Kydex shell with clips, but wait…there’s more!
  • Basic shell, no paddle here. That means comfort depends on your body type and carry style.
  • Lots of versatility. Extra mag? Light or laser? Bravo’s got you covered with a wide array of models.
  • Middle of the road price point; this rig won’t break the bank. Advanced options cost extra, of course.
  • Kydex durability means you won’t be replacing this guy any time soon.
  • You can check out our more in depth review when we tested this bad boy out for a week. 

**Check Price on Amazon**

AlienGear ShapeShift 4.0

All-in-one performance from a single kit, if you’re willing to pony up the cash.

  • Customizable draw angle, ride position, and clip options; probably the most versatile single package of holster options available.
  • Comfort is the watchword, as the wide and flexible back panel allows almost weightless carry even with a medium frame pistol like the 19.
  • Patented “Alien Skin” shell material provides for tight retention without restricting your draw.
  • Previous Alien Gear products suffered from questionable quality of fittings such as screws, but this has been resolved with the ShapeShift 4.0.
  • Several times pricier than many competitors, but the excellent fit is worth it for those who’ve struggled to find a comfortable option.

**Check Price on Amazon**

Relentless Tactical The Defender IWB

Yours Truly wears this holster with his Glock 19 on a daily basis.

  • Medium-ride, non-adjustable, single-clip construction with solid leather shell
  • It won’t shield the top of your Glock, but it’ll provide robust protection for the rest.
  • Outstanding construction for the price, American-made, American-sewn leather.
  • Requires a hefty belt, so dress accordingly.
  • Relentless Tactical sells the market’s best-value gunbelt – a great fit for this holster.

**Check Amazon for Price**

Blackhawk! Ambidextrous Appendix Reversible IWB

Lots of descriptors for one solid holster.

  • Simplicity itself – a shell, a clip, an adjustment screw, and your Glock.
  • Kydex construction means this low-profile shell won’t annoy you with undue weight or width. If you need a slim shell, look no further.
  • Comfort can vary – if you’re on the larger side, beware pinching or poking from the shell’s edges.
  • You’re going to have a hard time finding a more affordable, resilient shell of this quality.
  • Ultimately it comes down to the Kydex vs. leather decision – if you want a simple, synthetic shell, look no further.

**Check Price on Amazon**


OK, so it’s not technically a holster. No problem, let’s take a look:

  • It’s about as small as you can find. No shell, no paddle, no problem?
  • Comfort is in question. Been at the range? Better let your barrel cool off before you stick this in your pants…
  • It’ll stay put, provided you’ve got a solid belt. See Relentless Tactical, above.
  • Our biggest issue is the lack of a trigger guard. We trust Glock’s internal safeties but statistics show most NDs occur when holstering or unholstering, and this clip is doing you no favors in that department.

**Check Amazon for Price**

Galco Kingtuk IWB

Now we’re tucking. This big fella allows what the other options above can’t, comfortable IWB carry under a tucked-in shirt.

  • Our only tuckable IWB holster in this lineup, made by one of America’s finest gear companies.
  • Full-sized for a reason. It rides comfortably, provided you’ve got sufficient belt real-estate for its clips to find purchase.
  • This is a large-frame holster for a large-frame individual. If you’re on the smaller side, this might be larger than you’re comfortable with.

**Check Cabela’s for Price**

Blade-Tech Klipt

Positive retention in an extremely small package; it doesn’t get too much smaller than this.

  • It’s a thin Kydex shell, but unlike many in the same category, it includes a full back panel for sweat protection.
  • Positive retention with a click-in trigger guard retainer; no extra steps necessary on the draw.
  • A single belt clip keeps this shell in place provided you’re wearing a sufficient belt.
  • Not as adjustable as some, so if you’re not comfortable with the standard height/angle combination, this may not be the best fit.
  • Solid fittings on a very simple design; longevity isn’t going to be a problem here.

**Check Amazon for Price**

Our Conclusions

Much like we emphasized in our Best IWB Holsters for 1911 article, the ideal carry rig meets requirements not only for concealability but for comfort, affordability, and build quality. In our opinion, your best options are as follows. For Kydex shells, the CYA Supply Co. offering is hard to beat. Since you can fit it to your needs as far as aftermarket accessories and extra mags are concerned, you’re not going to have to change up your daily carry to make it work with your preferences.

If you’re more into the traditional style, Relentless Tactical The Defender IWB offers value beyond what we had thought was possible for a leather and metal holster. If you’re determined to break out of the mold of convention, Alien Gear should be your first stop – their ShapeShift 4.0 represents the cutting edge of currently available holster tech, albeit not at a bargain price. You can’t go too far wrong with anything from the above list, but for our money, these standouts take the prize.

2 thoughts on “What are the Best Glock 19 IWB Holsters”

  1. The fact that you put hybrid holsters “down below kydex or leather” means you didn’t test the leather lined kydex holsters from Garrett Industries. That is by far the best IWB holster I’ve ever used. If OWB is your thing, Safariland makes awesome suede lined kydex holsters that are hard to beat. You can have all the Cross Breed and Alien whatever holsters. I don’t even consider them to be “hybrid”. They just have one material on each side. You can have all the straight kydex wearing the finish off your gun. You can also keep all the leather holsters that close up once you draw your gun, making it difficult and somewhat dangerous to re holster. That’s just my opinion and, you know what they say about opinions.

    1. You are 100% correct we have not tried the leather lined kydex holsters from Garrett Industries, but now I want to. How long have your had yours, and what pistol are you carrying? I also will check out Safariland’s OWB holster. Thank you for taking the time to comment. We cannot try out what we do not know about. Also, you brought up some good points.

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