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What is the Best Fanny Pack Holster?-Your Absolute Guide (2023)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best-concealed carry fanny pack holster is, our evidence supports that the Don’t Tread On Me Fanny Pack Holster is the one you should consider.

We never thought we would see the day when fanny packs were making a comeback. But, as it turns out, they are. It also turns out (and according to our research) that people are not only buying fanny packs but concealed carry fanny packs as well.

With the date in front of us we were shocked, and we started to ask questions. Questions like, what is the best fanny pack holster for concealed carry? Or, are their tactical fanny packs out there? Questions like these lead us down an epic rabbit hole..So sit your fanny down, and check out below for what we found about fanny pack holster.

Our List of the Best Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Holsters

Top Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

Don’t Tread On Me Fanny Pack Holster – Top Overall Pick

Don’t Tread on Me Fanny Pack Holster (Small)

This concealed carry fanny pack fits close to your body so that there’s little to no printing while carrying your handgun.

With three different sizes, it’ll work for almost any size pistol. It can hold a full-size 1911 (large), Springfield XD Subcompacts (medium), or micro pistols like the Ruger LCP (small) comfortably enough while still providing good retention when needed, thanks to its innovative design.

All 3 sizes come with a high-quality YKK zipper and tab for a breakaway open that allows you to draw your handgun quickly if needed. This waist pack comes in ballistic nylon or black or brown suede leather.

These fanny packs have a pouch in the middle for keys and wallets, a front pouch for cell phones, and a fourth pouch for your charger. As a result, you have extra storage for all your essentials.

The main compartment containing your firearm is in the back, limiting how much your concealed weapon will print.

Overall Do Not Tread On Me has made an outstanding concealed carry fanny pack, and some could argue it is a tremendous tactical fanny pack.


  • Made of high-quality material 
  • People with a waist size up to 42 inches can use it 
  • Excellent retention on a firearm that allows you to run while wearing. 


  • Zipper jingles a lot when walking
  • The elastic strap that retains the pistol loosens up over time.

5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch – Best Tactical Fanny Pack Holster

5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch

You know 5.11 Tactical will have their name in the game, and boy, did they deliver.

First, the waistband is fully adjustable, and 5.11 Tactical took it a step further by adding belt loops that allow you to connect the waist pack to your belt instead of using your waist strap.

It also has two additional pockets for storage, such as your ID, keys, etc. However, these spare pockets are not big enough for items like water bottles.

For retention, it has an elastic band that holds the gun inside the main pouch securely.

The design of the 5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch can handle most semi-autos and revolvers. This is impressive due to the price of these waist pack holsters. 

During the design process, 5.11 Tactical made sure the Select Carry Pistol Pouch had locking zippers keeping your firearm more secured on your body.

5.11 Tactical added “hot pull tabs” to this pack, allowing for a quick opening when you need to draw your firearm.

One down size of the pack is how its ambidextrous carry feature works; your gun will be in the horizontal position once holstered, making quick access to your firearm more challenging.

Regarding quality and value, it is hard to beat the 5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch. This waist pack holster is designed to meet your needs.


  • Excellent retention of a firearm when inserted into pack correctly
  • Right or left-handed people can use it.
  • Made of high-quality martial
  • Comfortable to wear


  • It can be difficult to draw your firearm quickly
  • Larger guns will print
  • 5.11 logo on the front of the pack (exposing you to some that you are concealed carrying)

The VooDoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny Pack-Most Versatile

VooDoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny Pack

Now let’s talk about the voodoo that you do or more as the Voodoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny Pack did…

This puppy is made of high-quality nylon and comes in the following colors black, coyote, olive drab, and Multicam.

Shoot, it even has Molle webbing on the front of it.

What we think is interesting about this fanny pack is the ambidextrous design removable holster that can fit most pistol sizes.

This holster has two belt loops allowing you to use it without the concealed carry fanny pack.

Inside the tactical fanny pack, the holster is held in the main compartment by velcro attached directly to the pack and a retention strap that goes around the holster.

This fanny pack contains your pistol in the standard horizontal position. 

The Voodoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny Pack has two quick-release tabs for immediate access to your firearm if you need it in a hurry.

The main pocket has retention straps for holding additional gear. However, if you carry a larger pistol, this space can become pretty cramped.

Its waistband is adjustable, made of nylon, and has a heavy-duty plastic buckle. 

It also comes with a compartment on both sides of the main compartment that is relatively small but can hold small gear.

It also has a front pouch where you can put your keys, phone, and ID cards. All of these pockets zip close, making them very secure.

When you look at a fanny pack from an outsider’s perspective, it would be challenging to tell that somebody is concealed carrying. 


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Includes removable holster that can be carried on your belt
  • People with waist size up to 50 inches can use it. 
  • Space for 2 extra magazines
  • Available in three colors
  • Quality stitching
  • Price


  • The zipper can open while walking or jogging
  • Small pockets
  • Molle webbing on the front makes it look somewhat tactical
  • Bulky

Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty Fanny Pack – Best Basic Fanny Pack Holster

Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty Fanny Pack

Before we start off, how cool is that name for fanny packs? I wish I had an Uncle Mike that made all these cool tactical accessories.

Will you carry a handgun with a barrel length of up to 6 inches? Well, if you’re looking for the perfect fanny pack, this is it.

It has an ambidextrous holster that can accommodate a range of guns and has room in its separate compartment where you can store your wallet keys, phone charger, or a spare magazine! 

I mean, come on now… don’t be fooled by the appearance of these fanny packs. These are not your dad’s waist pack but a tactical fanny pack.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Includes adjustable velcro holster
  • 50″ waistband
  • The belt clip is on the side, not behind you
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • Only room for 1 extra magazine
  • Holds compact and subcompact pistols only
  • Not comfortable to wear


Blackhawk’s Nylon Concealed Weapon Fanny Pack Holster

If you’re looking for the great concealed carry fanny pack holster on the market, look no further than the Blackhawk Nylon Concealed Weapon Fanny Pack Holster.

The Blackhawk Nylon Concealed Weapon Fanny Pack Holster is constructed of 1000 denier CORDURA® nylon outer material, making it very durable.

Additionally, the holster features a comfortable, adjustable waistband that can be worn with or without a belt. The holster also has a heavy-duty zipper.

The Blackhawk nylon fanny pack holster is designed to hold your gun in place nicely, but it also has unique features that prevent someone from stealing the weapon.

For example, 3 areas on this adjustable waistband’s clip must be pressed on to disengage the clip. This makes it very difficult for a would-be lousy guy to steal your pack while you wear it.

The holster has enough space to adjust for different carry positions, so finding your perfect match is easy. We recommend ordering one size up from what you think will fit best because the pack does seem to run small.

Its ambidextrous design makes it equally valuable for both right-handed and left-handed users because of the adjustable holster and the pull tabs on both sides.

One drawback is how bulky these holsters can become. This can make them challenging to use for conceal carry if you do not purchase the correct size pack.

All in all, this is a tremendous tactical fanny pack for carrying your handgun and is worth looking into purchasing.


  • Military-grade durability
  • Adjustable velcro holster for a perfect fit
  • High-quality zippers
  • Thrift preventive design


  • Bulky
  • Price
  • It can be challenging to remove due to the clip’s design.

Simply Things Fanny Packs-Best For a Small Handgun

Simply Things Fanny Pack

If you’re looking for an elegant and discreet way to concealed carry, the Simply Things Fanny Packs are a great solution.

The fanny packs are made from 600D nylon and feature YKK zippers for durability. The 1.5″ belt is thick and sturdy, with a strong buckle that will keep your weapon secure.

The Medium Simply Things Fanny Pack Holster’s size is 9.5’x 6″. The 2 side diagonal pockets are 4″ x 6″ x6″. This tactical pack is designed to fit most medium-frame pistols, including the Glock 19, CZ 75, Sig P226, HK VP9, and Springfield XD.

The Small Simply Things Fanny Pack Holster’s size is 8″ x 5″. The 2 side diagonal pockets are 4″ x 5″ x5″ Guns that have been tested with the small pack are (Glock 42 43 26 27), (Smith and Wesson 642, Bodyguard, and Shield), Sig Saur P938, Kimber Micro 9 STG, and Springfield XD. Any gun 6.5″ by 4.5″ making it an excellent option for small handguns.   

The pack fits waists from 34″ to 42″ and has 2 zippered side pockets for carrying essential items.

The large rear secured pocket is perfect for holding a phone or cash. The main concealed pistol pocket has a hook and loop attached removable holster with 2 straps that offer extreme flexibility in configuration, allowing for both left and right-handed shooters.

The Simply Things Fanny Pack Holster includes elastic bands on the flip side to secure spare magazines or a knife.

Plus, we offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee and warranty, so you can buy with confidence.


  • Fits micro pistols easily
  • Well made from durable material
  • No logo perfect for concealed carry
  • Price


  • Holster inside the tactical fanny pack is not high quality
  • Only fits a small range of waist sizes, 36 “to 42.”
  • Side pockets are not large enough to hold much of anything

Elite Survival Systems Marathon Gun Pack – Best CCW Fanny Pack for Running 

Elite Survival Systems Marathon Gun Pack

This tactical fanny pack is the perfect way to stay hydrated and concealed carry while on the go.

This patented, versatile concealed carry and hydration belt is the first of its kind and pulls double-duty as a runner’s belt and concealment pack.

The front zippered compartment fits most smartphones and has a soft divider to protect your phone from other contents and a wire routing port for earbuds. A water bottle on each side holds 7 oz.

The adjustable hook and loop holster keep your firearm in place.

The belt is adjustable to most waist sizes; non-slip backing keeps the belt in place.

Elite Survival Systems Marathon Gun Pack is available in two sizes:

  • The small pack fits most pocket pistols, including the Glock 42 and smaller firearms (7″ x 4.5″ x 1″)
  • The large pack fits most compact pistols, including the Glock 19, S&W Shield, and Walther PPS (8.5″ x 5.5″ x 1″).

It is also constructed of ballistic nylon and water-resistant neoprene, making it durable.


  • Hook-and-loop sleeve inside that can be repositioned at any angle, allowing you to angle your firearm in the perfect position. 
  • The two water bottle holders on either side are great for hydration and better for concealed carry. 
  • The waist belt is so well designed, it’s elastic and will stay securely in place even during a run.


  • The waist belt is too small and does not fit people with larger waists.
  • Not quick opening and must use two hands two open due to zipper design.

Your Guide to Picking the Best Fanny Pack Holster

What is a Fanny Pack Holster?

A fanny pack holster can be used to conceal carry a pistol when other carrying methods cannot be used. 

When Would You Use Fanny Pack Holster?

Your number one goal of concealed carrying should always be to blend into your environment as much as possible without anybody noticing you have a firearm on your person. A fann pack with a holster can be a great option to help you accomplish this if the following factors are favorable. 

1. Your clothing– You must be in a casual clothing setting. This includes jeans, gym shorts/pants, and a swimming suit.

2. Your environment– Walking through the inner city with a fanny pack will look very out of place. However, wearing a fanny pack to the beach or a crowded event might look lame to some, but it will not stick out.

What Pistols Carry Best in a Fanny Pack Holster? 

Most fanny pack holster manufacturers state that their product is one-size-fits-all regarding which pistol you can carry. However, most fanny pack holsters are designed to hold a standard-size pistol/revolver. It is essential to do your research first and make sure the pack will fit your firearm before buying it. 

What are the different types of fanny pack holsters?

The two main types of fanny pack holsters are right-handed and ambidextrous.

  • Right-handed holsters are designed to angle the grip of the gun so that it will be easier for you to draw from. These holsters minimize the risk of muzzling other people while carrying because the firearm barrel is pointed downwards.
  • Ambidextrous holsters retain the firearm in the horizontal position and can be positioned for either right or left-handed draw. It is important to note that horizontal drawing is very different from how you most likely are accustomed to. Oddly, it will feel very different at first, but after much practice, it will become second nature. It also should be noted that when you carry a firearm in the horizontal position, you risk muzzling people around you. Take extra care when placing your weapon in your pack to minimize the risk of any accidental discharge.

How to Draw From a Fanny Pack?

Drawing from a fanny pack can feel very difficult at first. However, if you think about it, the only difference between drawing from a fanny pack compared to an OWB or IWB holster occurs at the beginning of the draw stroke. 

When learning to draw from a fanny pack, focus on the first part of the draw stroke. There are generally two conventional methods to handle this listed below: 

  • Two-handed approach
  1. Use your dominant hand to hold the pack in place while the non-dominant hand opens the pack up.
  2. Next, with your non-dominant hand holding the pack open, take your dominant hand and grip the gun’s handle. Make sure to maintain trigger discipline. 
  3. Before drawing the firearm, move your non-dominant hand out of the way to prevent it from continuing to be muzzled.
  4. Bring the pistol up to the count 2 position of the draw stroke movement and continue thru the rest of the draw stroke.

Yes, you read Step C, right. The problem with the two-handed approach is that your non-dominant hand will be muzzled when drawing your firearm. The key is to maintain trigger discipline and minimize the time your hand is muzzled. 

  • One-handed approachNOTE: No matter how much you try to improve your technique, the one-handed draw will be slower than the two-handed method. So why is it worth learning the one-handed approach? If you ever have to draw your firearm in self-defense, the attacker will not wait and let you draw your gun. In the one-handed technique, the non-dominant hand is used to keep the attacker back while you draw your weapon using the following steps:

  1. Open the holster with your dominant hand.
  2. Grip your firearm 
  3. Unholster your pistol and bring it into the draw stroke count 2 position 
  4. Follow through with the rest of the draw stroke. 

You will want to consider if the pistol is in the horizontal position at the range. To keep everybody safe, you must turn so the weapon’s barrel is pointed downrange when drawing. Finally, remember to practice, look for a friend or instructor familiar with the fanny pack holster, and have them coach you on how to do it.

What to Look for in a Fanny Pack Holster?

Comfort– Look at what material the fanny pack is made of and how the pistol rides. You do not want to be walking, and your gun starts bouncing around and hitting you. You also want to ensure the weight is evenly distributed across the pack.

Security– Make sure the pack closes appropriately. You do not want the pouch to be open and have the potential for your pistol to fall out. Another concern is, how does the holster secure the firearm inside the pouch, and how is the pack secured to you? A great fanny pack is worth nothing if the band itself is terrible.

Durability– The location of where a fanny pack is worn means it takes a beating while you wear it and from the elements. Make sure the fanny pack holster you pick is durable and will be able to protect your firearm.

Concealment– Printing is always a significant concern for concealment. Do your homework and ensure the concealed carry pistol you are planning to use does not print while wearing it. If it does, then concealed carry via a fanny pack is useless.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it – our top seven best-concealed carry fanny pack holsters. Now the big question is, which will work best for your needs? We’ve got various options, so finding the perfect fit is easy. If you are looking for other methods to carry that comfortable then check out our article on the most comfortable IWB holster.

If you have any questions or need help deciding which option is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We also want to know your thoughts below. Did we miss any fanny pack holsters? Which one did you pick? Until next time stay safe out there!

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