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Here are the Best Car Holsters

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If you do not have time to review this article, our research suggests that Jotto Gear’s Car Holster is the one you should consider. 

If you are like me, every time you get into a car, you find yourself confronted with this common question. “So, where do I put my handgun?” You want to have it somewhere close to your, but most concealed carrying holsters are very challenging to draw from in a car. 

That is where a car holster comes into play. Experienced gun owners can tell you that a gun holster for car is much easier to draw your weapon from than a standard holster inside your ride. We know this information is life-changing and will give you a second to process it… 

Done? Great! The next questions are what to look for in a car holster and which car holsters are the best? 

These are two questions we decided to research and have used our results to make a car holster guide and to come up with our top car holster list. 

Our research included literary searches, hands-on testing, and bribing my grandmother to give me back my car holster after she tried it for a week. So kick back and stop thinking about the economy while we present our results. 

Top Car Holsters on the Market

How to Determine the Best Holster for your Car.

Based on our findings, the number one priority is accessing the car holster easily. The second priority is the ability to draw your weapon quickly. Why are these the two top priorities? At the end of the day, the reason you are concealed carrying a gun is to protect yourself and your loved ones. The quicker and easier you can access your weapon, the better off you will be. 

The overall stragtey for choosing a gun holster your car is to go for functionality first and charm second. 

There are plenty of holsters or mounts that are out there with very cool designs that simply fail to live up to the test of real-life experience. They are either made with shoddy equipment or are poorly fitted and can lead to damage to your precious weapons.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Holster

  • Ease of Access
  • Attachment
  • Safety
  • Security

Ease of Access 

Of course, how easy the holster is to access correlates directly to how quickly you can reach your weapon in the event of an emergency. You want to look and see how the holster fits in your car. A holster that fits well and is easy to access in one vehicle will not necessarily be a good fit in another.

Ease of access is not entirely determined by the design of the holster, though. You also need to consider the way that it is mounted. The mounting of the holster can seriously change how easy or hard it is to grab your pistol. 


There are several different methods and materials used for this purpose. However, some of the most common are straps, screws, and even glue. The various techniques used differ in how securely the holster is attached. A holster with an excellent attachment method will feel snug and secure without any wiggle when touched.

The most secure method uses screws. Holstered attached using this way rarely jostle even on dirt roads. The major downside is that you must permanently alter your vehicle when you are installing them. If you do not know what you are doing, you could potentially damage your vehicle irreparably. However, if you do have a modest amount of handyman skills, you should not have a problem instilling a holster in your car using this approach.

Glue attachments are another popular choice for attaching car holsters. These require much less technical know-how when installing. You simply apply the glue to the holster and then the holster to the car and voila. 

Now, there are some downsides to this method despite the easy installation process. If you live somewhere that experiences very high temperatures, this method could literally melt off of your car and become a sticky situation… While this method will sucre your holster reasonably well, they are less secure than screw attachments.

Finally, you have the strap based attachment method. These tend to strike an appropriate balance between the screw and glue attachment methods. They are more secure than glue but more straightforward to install than screws. You do need to be cautious, however. This method is typically made for specific models of cars, so be sure the holster you want will attach to your vehicle before buying it.


In addition to all of the normals rules and regulations, gun owners must follow there are a few more things to keep an eye on when carrying in your car. 

First off, in addition to ensuring that the holster is securely attached to your vehicle, you want to make sure your pistol fits snugly in the holster as well. There is nothing worse than hearing a gun rattling around in the interior of your car. 

After you have made sure that your weapon fits snugly in the holster, you want to look at how the trigger is covered. We highly recommend you ensure that the trigger is covered entirely so that something will not accidentally pull the trigger while you are driving.


The final aspect of the car holster you want to check out before making a final decision would be its security features. In the context of a car holster, this is referring to ensuring an intruder or hostile individual is unable to procure your weapon from you quickly. 

Always make sure to never leave the car unattended while a weapon is inside. If you do have to leave your pistol in your vehicle, we recommend you get a lockbox for your car to place your firearm in. If a lockbox is out of the question, the next best thing is to find a car holster with a locking mechanism on it. While both these options are good ones, the safest option will always be to take your pistol with you.

Pro tip: Consider mounting the holster towards the center of the car or on the console. This makes it more difficult for an intruder to grab your firearm. 

Top Car Holsters 

To illustrate some of these characteristics with real-life products, we have chosen fo of the top car gun holsters on the market today.

This list includes different examples of attachments, safety features, and security features. Pay close attention, and you will notice that the subtle differences at first can actually add up to a pretty different picture overall. 

Jotto Gear’s Car Holster

The first time we got a chance to use Jotto’s Car Holster was very memorable. We immediately could tell that this was a great holster. Each piece of this holster is made of high-quality material.

The rig is mounted via screws, and the mount also comes with two magnets so you can not only holster your weapon, but you can also carry a pair of clips. It is rated for firearms up to twenty-five pounds.

Jotto also made sure to add a locking mechanism to keep your gun safe when you are not around. Jotto also designed this holster not only to use in your car it can also be used in your home or office. 

The combination of the lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer and the endorsement of the NRA makes this one hard to ignore.

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Stinger Gun Magnet Holder w/Safety Trigger Guard Protection

This holster showcases most of the characteristics we reviewed that are essential for a quality car holster. The most important thing this one gets right is that the trigger is fully covered with the trigger guard protector. The fact that the trigger is completely covered gives an extra layer of protection.

This rig is relatively easy to install because it uses a combination of screws and adhesive tape to attach to the car. This combination also makes the holster very sturdy once installed. The neodymium magnets ensure that even on bumpy roads, your gun is kept secure while in the holster. Another bouse about this holster is that it can used with the majority of pistols on the market. 

One thing to keep an eye on is the weight of the gun you use with it. While the magnets are relatively robust in a fast-moving vehicle on a bumpy road, a heavy weapon could potentially be jostled loose from the magnet and holster.

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Foleto’s Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster for Vehicles and Homes

This Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster for a vehicle or Home is highly versatile. It allows you to easily place the holster almost anywhere in your ride and can handle heavier pistols. Its magnetic is strong and capable of holding on to a heavy weapon safely. The integrated rubber-coated magnetic mount is rated up to thirty-five pounds.

The holster can comfortably carry most weapons from most major manufacturers without any type of scratching or damage. You should be able to fit the rig in various locations of your car, such as the roof, the glove compartment, or even the dashboard, thanks to the sturdy neodymium magnetic mount.

If you love to go off-roading, then we recommend you consider this holster. This holster shocked us as to how well it did when we tested it off-roading. Not only did the handgun stay in place, but it also did not even make a sound the entire time. That’s called a securely mounted holster. 

The magnets also are designed to prevent magnetic interference from escaping the back of the mount so it can be safely mounted near electronic devices inside of the car.

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Highway Holster’s Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount

This is an appealing option for a “car holster.” Well, actually, it is not a holster, but more of a mount for your holster in your car. Highway Holster’s engineered this rig so that you can use it with a wide variety of holsters that you simply take off when getting in your vehicle and attach to the mount. 

How it is mounted to your car makes it easy to draw your weapon even while driving, which is a skill the other holsters on our list cannot calm. 

This mount uses an unorthodox method to “attach” to your car. Instead of using any of the attachment methods previously discussed, It is designed to be inserted between the seat and the console either on the driver’s side of the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

A neat extra feature that is built right in is the base. The base is made so that you can attach other accessories to it. 

While you might consider it a downside that you have to purchase a holster separately, we think it is a plus. This way, you technically never have to unholster your weapon when getting in and out of the car. You simply unmount the holster and attach it to yourself. 

**Check Amazon for Price**


While we always try to be as objective as possible on our assessment, we encourage you to verify our recommendations. An excellent way to do this is by checking out the reviews yourself or asking your buddy who might have the holster. With that said, our top recommendation is Jotto Gear’s Car Holster

The Jotto Gear brand has always impressed us, and this model, in particular, is just overall so versatile that it is hard to find anything wrong with it. 

The combination of the trigger guard protection and the strong magnets which keep your pistol secure is unmatched in this segment of the market. There may be some holsters out there that are better for specialty circumstances. Still, if you are looking for an excellent all-around holster to use in your vehicle, then it is hard to go wrong with this one. Let us know what you think below! 

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