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What Is The Best Belly Band Holster?

If you are in a rush our research suggest that ComfortTac’s Ultimate Belly Band Holster is the best overall option out of the holsters listed below.

Belly band holsters are not going to be the top item on any fashion trend soon. They might not be as fresh as an inside the waistband holster or shoulder holster, but just like a fanny pack holster, there are a few niches where these holsters excel at.

Best Belly Band Holsters List

What Are Belly Band Holsters?

A belly band holster is a holster with a band that is made of soft material like elastic or neoprene. The wraps around your torso and usually attaches together using a Velcro loop. The holster shell that holds the firearm is made up of a flexible material that is attached to the band.

When to Use a Belly Band Holster?

These types of holsters are a good option if the pants you are wearing are loose around the waistband. Some good examples are sweatpants or gym shorts.

These holsters are also useful if you are not wearing a belt to attach an inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB) holster to your pants

Most belly band holsters are designed to handle a ride range of guns. This is good for those of us that like to carry different pistols at different times. However, most IWB and OWB holsters are created for a specific firearm model. 

When not to Use a Belly Band Holster?

While these holsters are great with sweatpants and gym shorts, you need to be careful using them if your exercise routine is strenuous. No, this is not me telling you it is okay to skip the gym today… It is just that while these bands are comfortable to wear, they also have the potential to make you sweat a lot. Sweating can be such a factor with these holsters that you will need to make sure you stay hydrated if wearing this holster and exercising extremely hard.

We also do not recommend you wear them on a scorching, humid day, because the band will keep your body heat in, which will result in you sweating a lot. 

 The holster’s retention on the firearm is another primary concern. Some belly band holsters are notorious for having lousy retention on weapons. These holsters should not be worn during any heavy-duty excising or any strenuous activity due to the risk of your gun falling out. However, most of these holsters have more than enough retention for light exercising.

How to maintain your Body Band Holster?

Due to the material, these holsters are made of, and the way you carry them, it is best that you wash them from time to time to remove any sweat or dirt from the. The best way to clean these holster is by machine washing them and allowing them to air dry (do not use a dryer)

Top Belly Band Holsters

ComfortTac’s Ultimate Belly Band Holster

This holster represents an alternative take on IWB carry. No belt, no problem – this design supports its weight and offers both concealment and retention for your pistol. Hell, it’s even slimming. The band is made of neoprene material and includes pouches for magazines. It also has a hard plastic trigger guard for safety.

Once you have wrapped this rig around you, it will not budge, even when you’re jogging or climbing while feeling gentle against your skin. The retention strap with a metal snap adds an extra layer of confidence for the wearer; that pistol isn’t going anywhere. The magazine pouch has a retention strap as well.

It is important to note that this rig is best to be used with lighter weapons. This holster’s band is made up of breathable neoprene, but it still can get scorching, either by exercising or wearing the holster on a hot day. This will increase your risk of dehydration.  


  • The larger size fits up to a 45″ waist and the extra large fits up to a 53″ waist
  • It can be worn in the appendix position, on the hip, behind the hip, as a shoulder rig, in the 12 o’clock position, and cross-draw position.
  • Available in right and left-handed configuration
  • Conceals well for most pistols 
  • Comfortable
  • The quick metal snap release on the retention strip is quieter than Velcro
  • Price
  • Lightweight
  • Trigger guard protection


  • Only the outside end of the band has the Velcro loop the inside does not and tends to move up and down
  • People with bigger bellies will have to wear it above their abdomen of in the small of their back in order not to print
  • Its retention strap has been known to break

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Concealed Carrier, LLC.’s Belly Band Holster

Concealed Carrier, LLC. is known for one thing. Making good quality holsters at insanely good pricing. If you do not believe me check out their product line up on Amazon. Based on our research Concealed Carrier has one of the best belly bands on the market right now. 

This holster can be worn in the cross-draw, appendix, 5 o’clock, and small of back position either in the inside the waistband or outside the waistband. If none of these work for you, then you can always use it as a shoulder holster.

Just like most holsters on our list, it can handle most pistol and revolvers. However, we must stress belly band holsters have historically done better with lighter weight pistols and revolvers. 

Keeping true to the new fade for retention straps, this baby has a metal snap button that has been designed to allow you to thumb break the retention strap when drawing your firearm. 

If you guessed this holster had a perforated neoprene band, which will enable you to not sweat as bad as other belly band holsters, you would be right. This holster also comes with an extra pocket that you could put a magazine in, but you could also put your credit card or phone in there. However, the pouch does not have a retention strap. Thus, you have the potential of whatever is in the pocket of falling out.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Price
  • Made of high-quality material
  • The elasticity of the band will last
  • Velcro is durable and reliable


  • Printing can be a challenge for small petite people unless you wear it in the small of their back
  • Depending on which position you are carrying in, it can be hard to reholster your firearm.
  • Smaller firearms fit deep into the holster pocket
  • Velcro teeth tend to be longer then the band if you have to stretch the band to wear it.

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Tacticshub’s Belly Band Holster 

Tacticshub’s belly band holster was engineered with a minimalist design in mind and is slim fitting. It is made of breathable neoprene and has double stitching to increase its durability. It also has a metal button on its retention strap that is much quieter than Velcro when unholstering. This holster was designed with an extra area for barrels to prevent guns from clinging to the holster when being drawn.

Designers of this belly band holster ensure that the holster could accommodate most semi-auto pistols and revolvers. It fits snuggly to you and has an elastic pocket for an extra magazine, phone, or photo ID (no retention strap for the pocket). 

As far as what positions it can be carried in, you have the following positioned: IWB, OWB, appendix, small of the back, and shoulder holster carrying.


  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Comes with “free” ebook on self-defense
  • Durable neoprene band
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Can use with lighter pistols while running
  • Comfortable
  • People with a 43″ waist can use
  • Good customer service


  • Extra material of the band after putting on the holster has been known to cut into people
  • Might slide up your torso while sitting
  • The retention button comes off easily.

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AIKATE’s Belly Band Holster 

Aikate has a smaller product line than most manufacturers, but the products they do make are very high quality. This includes their 2nd generation belly band holster that has some pretty cool upgrades. 

These upgrades consist of a reinforced adhesion for the Velcro loop that attaches the band around your waist. They have also added more Velcro to the loop attachment. Both features combined make the band around your waist even more secure.

Aikate’s gen 2 Belly Band Holster also has an improved retention strap release or what Aikate calls a “quick release strap.” This is to improve how fast and safely you can draw your firearm. 

Another upgrade added was lengthening of the band so that people with a 44″ waist can use the average size holster, and the XL size can be worn by people with an up to 55″ waist. 

Lastly, they added a removable magazine pouch that also has a retention strap. This will allow you to carry the magazine right where you want it and move to another part of the band anytime you want it.  

Just like the previous two holsters on our list, Aikate’s holster has a band that is made of breathable neoprene. All three holsters use the same grade neoprene that is used on knee braces. This means sweating will not be as significant a factor as other holsters made with different elastic material. You can potentially carry your firearm in the appendix, 12 o’clock, on your hip, behind your hip, as a shoulder holster, or in the cross draw position. All in all, this is a good holster at a very reasonable price.


  • Comfortable
  • Can be used with most pistols and revolvers (best for lighter weight pistols)
  • Price
  • Can be used when working out, jogging or running
  • Conceals well for belly band standards
  • Does not ride up your torso when you sit down


  • The retention strap and snap button feel cheap
  • The retention strap is too big to effectively retain a small pistol or revolver.
  • Extra magazine holster is small.

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Well, there you have it, folks! Those are the top belly band holsters based on our research. We feel you will not be disappointed with any of these holsters on our list. Still, the ComfortTac’s Ultimate Belly Band Holster is our top recommendation for a straightforward reason. It is the only holster with trigger guard protection. With the positions, these holsters are typically carried in trigger guard protection is an extra layer of protection to help keep you safe from an accidental discharge. Let us know what you think below! 

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