The Beginning

 I was fresh out of pharmacy school with my Doctor of Pharmacy smiling ear to ear, because I had finally gotten my first big boy check. Even after around half of it taken out for taxes, and about a 1/3rd taken out for student loans….do not get me started…I still had enough to purchase my very own semi-auto pistol.  

Do not get me wrong I had grown up shooting many different firearms, loving the outdoors. I was raised by a man who had won countless shooting tournaments, hiked the Appalachian Trail a few times, and had been a zookeeper.  

 However, up until that point, all the guns and outdoor equipment I had used belonged to my old man. It was finally time for me to purchase my own gear and firearms. 

To determine which semi-auto pistol I should buy, I did what any self-respecting person would do. I Googled it. In a few seconds, Google had retrieved hundreds of handgun review articles. Yet, as I started reading these articles, one thing that stood out to me.  

A majority of the reviews were profoundly lacking in quality

Unfortunately, I could also tell that many of the authors had gone to great lengths to cover-up this issue. You might be saying, “yeah yeah, what makes you so special that you could point this out?” The answer is simple, in pharmacy school, we were trained to become critical reading experts, and to be able to determine the lack of quality in technical writings.

Why would a pharmacist need to know that? Again a simple explanation, to get the real information from clinical trials of medications by reading past any bias and skewed data. In turn, we will use real data from the studies to create the best treatment plan for our patients.

Pretty shocking considering most people think pharmacists just learn to count by 5s in school….. We actually did learn to count by 5’s as well, but moving on. 

After reading these bad reviews for handguns my curiosity spiked, and I decided to validate my findings by looking up reviews on bolt action rifle  through Google. Sure enough, I found the same issue as I had seen with the handgun reviews. It was then that I decided I would help others by creating Outdoor Methods with a simple vision and mission. 

Our Simple Vision:

To be people’s most trusted source for information on their outdoor hobbies. 

Our Simple Mission:

To use scientific and analytical methods to give people concise high-quality information for their outdoor adventures. 

And here is our road map to complete this mission and to reach our vision:  

  1. We will ensure all content on this site is reviewed and edited by me to guarantee it is of the highest quality. 
  2. When we can, we will perform hands-on product reviews. However, when this is not possible, we will conduct extensive research to provide you with only information that has been validated.  
  3. We will create highly detailed information in a format that makes it efficient for you to read and reference for both product reviews and guides. 
  4. We will do our best to ensure articles are transparent so that you get the whole picture allowing you to make the best decision when planning your next outdoor adventure. Not a sale page disguised as articles.   
  5. As much as my co-workers beg me, I will throw in corny jokes and sarcasm (sometimes bad) here and there…..sorry I am not sorry. 
  6. We will create a team that believes in our vision and mission. This team will genuinely care about the outdoors and care about aiding in others to get outdoors.
  7. We will build trust with our other readers and you. 


We are very excited and appreciative for the chance to be your outdoor information resource. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.